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How to check opens by location

Our premium feature Opens by location can be found on a campaign’s Report page. It shows a map of the countries where your campaign was opened and how many opens it had in specific countries.

Once a subscriber first opens your campaign, we collect data from the subscriber’s email client and capture the IP address. The IP address is then used to determine the location of where the campaign was opened.

  1. Head to Campaigns.

  2. make sure the Sent tab is selected.

  3. Click on View report underneath the desired campaign name to access its statistical report.

  1. Click on the Opens by location tab to view a world map that colors the countries with opens, as well as a list of Top countries that have the most opens.

Because we use the IP address to determine the country, the data is pretty accurate. If we fail to obtain the IP address, we will capture the IP address of the email client where the campaign was first opened.

There is one exception for Gmail users that open emails in a browser. In this case, Gmail uses its own server IP address, which is why these emails will be marked as opened in the United States.

Note: Keep in mind that subscribers who travel may open your campaign in a country they’re visiting, so the map will show the visited country instead.

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