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How to edit your default sending settings

You can set default data to always be included in your campaigns, landing pages and websites. This will save you time when creating content.

To start, head to your Account Settings and select the Default settings tab.

This is what will be displayed in the From field of your recipient's email client.

Add the name that will be shown and the email address that campaigns are going to be sent from.

Note: Changing the default sender information will only apply to future campaigns and not to past campaigns

When this option is enabled, the name of the recipient will be shown in the ‘To’ field. It is taken from their Name field included on your subscriber list.

Choose a logo that will replace all default logo placeholders in the blocks that include the logo option on your campaigns and sites.

Click on Add logo to be taken to the File Manager. Upload your photo file if you haven’t yet, then select it.

Select the checkbox if you would like your logo to be force-updated into any existing drafts, sent emails, ongoing automation emails, and published sites.

Whenever you use a block that contains social icons or links, your provided social links will automatically be used. This way you don’t need to add or change your links every time you use social link blocks.

You can also add all your social links and force-update. This will update your current links in all your emails and landing pages that use social blocks.

This information will be automatically embedded in your email and site footers.

Your company details will automatically populate in the footer of your campaign and sites if the option is enabled. 

To edit your company details, select the Company profile tab at the top of the page.

If you don’t want to automatically generate your footer from your current company details, you can unselect this option and instead create a custom company information footer. 

Lastly, you can add an email unsubscribe disclaimer, which can describe your opt-out process or any other relevant information. You can also add an email unsubscribe link text, which is a clickable link that will take the subscriber to your Unsubscribe page upon clicking it.

Both the disclaimer and the link text can be force-updated into your drafts, sent emails, and ongoing automation emails. 

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