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Landing page anchor block

Anchor blocks are a great way to automatically guide visitors to the correct place on your landing page. This option is specifically handy for when you have a one-page website or when you want to grab someone's attention and lead them to an element that's further down on your page. Here's how it works!

Go to Sites and open one of your landing pages or create a new one to get started.

For this tutorial, we're using a template from the gallery that contains a couple of anchor blocks. You'll see that throughout the layout there are a couple of different anchor blocks inserted. When someone clicks on one of the menu items, they'll automatically scroll to that section.

To create your own anchor link, click the text or button you want to link. Instead of linking the button to a page URL, click the Anchor option. Here you'll see the dropdown menu where you can pick what anchor it should scroll to. If you don't have any anchors, you'll first need to add an anchor block.

The anchor section block can be found on the right side of the editor at the building block section.

Let's say you have a menu item that's called "Sign up." Drag the anchor section block directly above your signup form in your landing page layout and name the anchor "Sign up." Then click Save.

Now you can go back to the menu item "Sign up" you want to link and choose the "Sign up" anchor you just created from the dropdown menu.

If you go to the preview option and copy the URL, you can see how your anchor links will work on your landing page.

To learn more, check out this article on how to use anchor links in landing pages and websites.

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