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Silvestras3 min readNew features and updatesAugust 21, 2015

Excluding subscribers from your campaign

Excluding subscribers from your campaign

I hope you are keeping up with the pace of new features and updates from MailerLite. These several past weeks have been extremely productive and we are happy to announce another great feature – Exclude group

What is it?

An exclusion group can be any group that you create in your MailerLite account. When selecting subscribers for the campaign that is ready to be sent, you can now exclude a particular group or segment from the send list.

How it works?

When you select the exclude group option, it will not only exclude all subscribers in the selected group, but also exclude these subscribers if they are duplicated in any other list that you marked for send. To illustrate the principle of this feature and its benefits, consider this situation:

You have 20,000 subscribers in Group A. Group B contains 10,000 subscribers, but 5,000 of Group B’s subscribers also happen to be on Group A. You initiate a send to Group A, but later discover that you also want to send the campaign to Group B. This is where the new feature comes in hand beautifully. If you don’t want to send duplicates to those 5,000 subscribers lurking in both groups, you can simply select Group B as your sending group and select Group A to be excluded from the send. Hit the send button and relax – MailerLite will do the magic.

Practical examples

Here are some examples and tips on applying this feature:

Say, you have some particular subscribers who are in many groups, but you don’t want them to see your next campaign or a series of campaigns – simply create a new group and copy them there. When sending the campaign select this new group as excluded group.

  • If you are running a travel agency and selling a trip to Bali – send the campaign to everyone, but exclude those, who have already been there or have already purchased this trip.
  • If you are running an e-shop and promoting a special product or service, you can use this feature to exclude subscribers from future promotional campaigns on that product, once they make a purchase.
  • If you are hosting a webinar or organizing an event – you can exclude those subscribers who have already attended it or those who have just signed up for it.

Don’t forget you can also exclude a segment – it works the same as group exclusion. Instead of creating a new group from the segment you can simply select “exclude segment” and the subscribers from that segment will be excluded from all groups.

We hope you will find this new feature useful and effective. Good luck and happy mailing!

P.S. Don’t exclude us from your list of ideas and suggestions!

Silvestras Armonaitis

Hi, it’s Silvestras, a member of MailerLite’s customer support team. As the first remote employee to join MailerLite in 2014, I was the guinea pig to test if remote work was a good idea. Today, MailerLite is a remote-first company so the experiment was a success! To all the other remote workers who have joined since—you’re welcome.