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How to edit a subscriber's data

It’s possible to add, remove or update most data of a subscriber on your list. This data includes fields such as their name, country, company, and age. The only field that can’t be edited is the email address. 

If you want to edit a subscriber’s email address, you will have to add them as a new subscriber or have them sign-up through one of your forms using the new email address.

If you want more customization over your subscriber data, you can use Custom fields. Take a look at the How to create and use custom fields article for more information.

To edit a subscriber’s data:

  1. Head to Subscribers.

  2. Search the subscriber using the search tool. If you’re searching by name, it must match the subscriber’s Name field. 

  1. Click on their email address to be taken to their profile.

  2. Scroll down to the Subscribers details section and click Edit

  1. Click on the Save button once you are done editing the subscriber’s details.

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