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Rich Text Editor: Amazing New Feature for Simple Text Newsletters

Rich Text Editor: Amazing New Feature for Simple Text Newsletters

Some of our clients asked for a simple, plain text-based newsletter design. So we have combined simplicity of plain-text with HTML formatting, also we have added open and click tracking, thus creating a Rich Text Editor.

From now on when you create new email campaign you can choose one of three possibilities:

When you select Rich Text Editor, just type or copy-paste your text in, select size, font and color. You can embed hyperlinks and pictures into the text.

Rich Text Editor in action:

Remember, while Rich Text email will be instantly readable on any device and any email client, if you embed pictures, they may be blocked for some clients. The same as is the case with usual HTML newsletters.

This is how your Rich Text email will look like:

Plain design enhances readability, for the same reason every email is automatically formatted 560 pixels wide.

Tip #1: When Should You Use Rich Text Editor

It’s a GREAT feature when you need more personal touch: an announcement from your CEO or thank you letter to your clients. Text message looks more personal, more like face to face conversation.

Also it can be effective for client reactivation campaign. Sometimes an honest plain-text letter can do wonders to those inactive customers on your mailing list.

Tip #2: Magic of Postscript

Postscript is a powerful copy-writing technique used by marketers since invention of direct mail. And it’s still valid in email marketing times, especially with Rich Text emails. And you should use it either with PS abbreviation, or without.

  • Alternative Offer – one way to use postscript is to give a reader an alternative offer at the end of your email. If main call to action didn’t hook him you have a last chance to sell.
  • Last Argument – second method is to enhance offer with one more strong argument in postscript. Studies show that while some people don’t read all text they scroll down and see what’s at the end of the email. That’s why postscripts are read more often than body text and are a good place for strong selling arguments.
  • Urge To Act – you can create an urge to act faster by giving some special offer, like: “First 20 customers get 20% discount!” In any case, don’t forget to embed a link leading to offer page.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, try Rich Text feature and find out which design works best for you and your customers.