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How to authenticate a domain in Hostinger

This article is meant for those who already successfully registered a domain with Hostinger.

  1. Head to the Account settings page and click the Domains tab.

  2. Under Sending domains, click Add domain.

  3. Enter the email address you wish to use to send emails from and click Save.

  4. Check your inbox for the verification email and follow the steps to verify the email address. 

5. Once the domain has been added, click on the Authenticate button. A window will appear containing Name and Value fields of your DKIM and SPF records. Keep this page open, so you can copy the field values later.

📧 Didn't receive the verification email?

If you haven’t received a verification email from us, use the Resend verification email feature, or contact our Support team for additional assistance.

  1. From the Hostinger Dashboard, click Manage for the domain you wish to authenticate. 

  2. Navigate to DNS/Nameservers.

  1. For Type, select CNAME

  2. In the Name field, remove the @ symbol and enter litesrv._domainkey (without your domain name). You can also copy the Name value from your MailerLite account and remove your domain name. 

  3. In the Target field, enter

  4. Click Add record.

  1. For Type, select TXT

  2. In the Name field, enter the @ symbol if it is not already filled in.

  3. In the TXT value field, enter the SPF Value given to you in your MailerLite account. 

  4. Click Add record

Head back to the authentication window in your MailerLite account and click on the green Check DNS records button. Once both records are approved, your new domain will be displayed as Authenticated ✅

For additional troubleshooting steps, see our guide on Troubleshooting: Domain authentication.

For assistance with domain authentication, please reach out to Hostinger support directly. You can find their support page here.

Last time edited: Mar 6, 2024