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How to connect PrestaShop to MailerLite

The MailerLite plugin for PrestaShop allows you to automatically sync your PrestaShop customers with your MailerLite subscribers. By installing the plugin, you will be able to select a group in MailerLite to which your PrestaShop customers will be added. Furthermore, you will have access to additional e-commerce features such as abandoned cart emails, campaign purchase tracking and much more.

Please note this plugin is only compatible with the new version of MailerLite.

To install the MailerLite plugin for PrestaShop: 

  1. Log in to your PrestaShop admin dashboard.

  2. Go to Modules > Module Catalog.

3. Search and find MailerLite. The plugin is also found on the PrestaShop Module Marketplace.

4. Click on Install.

5. Once completed, click Configure.

6. Enter your MailerLite API token and click save. You can generate an API token at You can also check our guide on Where to find the MailerLite API key and documentation.

7. If successful, you will get an additional settings panel.

8. Select a group and other behavior settings. You can also choose to enable Mailerlite popups so you can create popup forms in your MailerLite account, and they will show on your PrestaShop store without the need to manually add the Javascript code yourself.

9. Click save.

10. If successful, the synchronization panel will appear.

There are 4 key features in the PrestaShop - MailerLite integration that enhance your e-commerce email marketing and track its success.

1. Data synchronization and sales tracking

When you install the PrestaShop - MailerLite integration, new subscribers that accept marketing will automatically have their name and email address added to your MailerLite subscriber list. There are also custom Prestashop fields that are added to your list of subscriber fields to help you track sales. 

Prestashop fields include:

  • PrestaShop Orders count - The number of orders that the subscriber has made

  • PrestaShop Total spent - The total amount of money that subscriber has spent on your Prestashop store

  • PrestaShop Accepts marketing - when subscribers accept to receive newsletters from you

In addition to using these fields to collect data, you can also use them to search for subscribers and create segments.

Note:  You may find that the Total revenue data in your campaign report does not match the number in your subscriber’s Prestashop total spent field. This is because Total revenue only refers to the revenue generated from that MailerLite campaign. Your Prestashop total spent field includes all purchases, including those not made through MailerLite.

2. Product blocks in your newsletters, landing pages, and websites

Save time drafting your newsletters and websites by using our e-commerce product blocks. Product blocks automatically import images, descriptions, and prices of your products and link directly to your Prestashop store.

To add a product block to your newsletters:

  1. Open your campaign in the Drag & drop editor.

  2. In the left-hand sidebar, locate the E-commerce blocks.

  3. Drag and drop your preferred product block into your newsletter.

4. Click the product block to select it.

5. In the right-hand sidebar, click Add products from your store.

6. A window will appear in which you can select the products you wish to display.

7. Click Insert once you have selected your product.

8. If you wish to edit the information displayed in your product block, click the product block to select it. Then, in the sidebar, click the pencil icon next to your product. Here, you can edit the image, product name, URL, price, and CTA button. 

Product blocks for landing pages and websites can be found directly in the site editor. Locate the Products block in the Blocks section under Products and Subscriptions.

3. E-Commerce automation triggers

When you install the PrestaShop - MailerLite module, you will find additional e-commerce triggers available in your workflow editor.

These triggers include: 

  • Abandoned cart

  • Purchases any product

  • Purchases specific product

  • Purchases from category

Note: In order for a purchase to trigger a workflow, the order status must be "Payment Accepted".

4. Abandoned cart emails

By creating an automation with the trigger Abandoned cart, you can create responsive emails that send automatically after a subscriber has abandoned their cart.

Abandoned cart emails can be triggered in various ways in your PrestaShop store:

  • Registered and logged in customer - When a customer logs in to your store and adds a product to the cart, they can be triggered immediately if their email address is already on your MailerLite subscriber list.

  • Existing subscriber - If a customer on your subscriber list fulfills an order form and enters their email address, they can be triggered immediately without continuing to the next step.

  • First-time buyer - A first-time buyer can be triggered after they provide contact information during the checkout process, or if the buyer subscribes to your email marketing by ticking the checkbox. In this case, the entered email address is added immediately to your MailerLite subscriber list and they are eligible immediately to trigger abandoned cart automation emails. If a first-time customer fails to enter their email address before they abandon the checkout, nor are they on your subscriber list, then they will be unable to trigger an abandoned cart automation

For a simple and effective design, check out the Abandoned cart e-commerce automation template!

Note: Unsubscribed subscribers can’t trigger abandoned cart automations. You can only send abandoned cart emails to shoppers who are on your MailerLite subscriber list.

If a customer of your PrestaShop store makes a purchase, and is not added to your active subscriber list or does not trigger a purchased-based automation, you can check the following factors:

  • Order status - In order to be successfully added to your active subscriber list or trigger any purchased-based automations, the customer’s order status must be Payment Accepted. If your customer's order status is still Payment pending or Processing, they will not trigger any actions in MailerLite.

  • Accepts marketing - If your customer did not check the box to accept email marketing at checkout, they cannot be synced to your MailerLite account.

Last time edited: Jan 25, 2024