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Troubleshooting: Video block

Incorporating videos into your email newsletters can significantly enhance engagement and conversion rates. Our Drag & drop editor simplifies this process by allowing you to add video blocks to your campaigns easily. However, you might sometimes face issues where the video link does not load a preview in the video block.

Common solutions

Incorrect Video URL

The most common reason for a video preview not loading is entering an incorrect URL. Ensure you're using the share URL of the video from supported platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Double-check the URL for any typos or incomplete links.

Unsupported video source

MailerLite's video block was designed to support YouTube and Vimeo videos. While other video sources such as Facebook and TikTok also work most of the time, it is possible some of your videos won’t display as intended. 

If you’re using a video that isn’t hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, and your video block isn’t working, consider using an image block with a screenshot of your video player and linking it to your video URL.

For instructions, check our guide on How to embed a video in a newsletter

Browser compatibility issues

Ensure your web browser is up to date. Older versions of browsers may not support the functionalities required to load video previews properly. Try switching to a different browser if the issue persists.

Ad blockers or browser extensions

Browser extensions, especially ad blockers, can interfere with the loading of video previews. Disable any ad blockers or other extensions and reload the editor to see if the issue resolves.

Privacy settings

Some video platforms such as YouTube have restrictions on embedding videos outside their services if the video is not set to public. Check the video's privacy settings on the hosting platform to ensure it's set to allow embedding on external sites.

Last time edited: Feb 26, 2024