Testing a campaign

To send a test campaign to yourself, go to the "Campaigns" area. Create your campaign, type in your subject line and click NEXT.

Choose your editor and template. After that, create your first email and click "Done Editing" when you’re finished.

Please remember – this allows you to test the layout of your email and not the deliverability. These emails are going through our test protocol and they will have the word "Test" in the title. Unfortunately, this makes it easier for them to end up in your spam box. In case you can’t see it in your inbox, go ahead and have a look in your SPAM folder. If it’s there, don’t worry. A normal campaign shouldn’t have this problem.

The Review and Confirmation screen may look a bit different depending on the type of campaign. But in each case you should have access to the "Send Test Email" button, which is right by the preview of the specific campaign.

In terms of your autoresponders in the automation area, just click on the title of the specific autoresponder.

And in the "Stats Overview” section, you will see the “Send Test Email” button, which works exactly the same as the button in the other campaigns.