Silvestras1 min readNew Features & UpdatesOctober 8, 2015

2 new features in Templates

2 new features in Templates

We have recently added 2 new features in Templates.

Draggable blocks in Templates

First of all, you will now have the possibility to drag and drop blocks in Templates just as you did with Drag-and-Drop editor.

We have designed specific draggable blocks for every template. For example, there’s a signature block in minimalistic template or a cover message block for a gallery template.

Editing History

Another cool feature is the option to track your editing history. When editing your Template based campaign, click on Track changes. A pop up with your action history will appear.

Once you make some changes in your design or text you will now see this information and will be able to undo or redo these changes. You can even use key shortcuts like Ctrl + Z for undo and Ctrl + Shift + Z for redo (Cmd + Z and Cmd + Shift + Z for Mac).