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4 Tactics I’ve Used to Get 2,095 Email Subscribers From Scratch

4 Tactics I’ve Used to Get 2,095 Email Subscribers From Scratch

Email is still a number one communication channel between you and your customer. I’ve been struggling a lot when starting out to get more email subscribers. But throughout the years I’ve discovered that there are many simple ways to increase the number of subscribers with no technical knowledge needed.

In this article, I’d like to share 4 super simple tactics (it takes less than an hour to implement) I’ve used SumoMe and MailerLite to get over 2,000 email subscribers to Despreneur newsletter.

Simple But Smart Popup

I hate popups but they work and you can’t simply ignore things that work. Silent your ego and set up a simple popup encouraging visitors to subscribe. Install SumoMe plugin and activate List Builder, that allows you to create a popup and customize it. For more information on how to do it, check this guide by Joe Fylan on WPKube.

free ebooks popup - SumoMe powered popup on Despreneur

SumoMe powered popup on Despreneur.

To make it even better, use a smart technique I’ve discovered recently in one of the SumoMe newsletters, stating that you can trigger visitors to sign up by using your most popular article as a hook and once they enter the email, you redirect them to that specific article as a reward. Simply use Google Analytics, to determine which of the articles is doing best and place it there.

google analytics results - ebooks popup

Well performing article statistics on Google Analytics.

popup editor sumome

Set up SumoMe popup using popular article title as a hook.

Using this very simple tactic that takes 10 minutes to set up I was able tocollect 1,598 email addresses. Not bad!

ebook downloads - sign up form

List Builder collected 1,598 email addresses with a 1.82% conversion rate.

Place Newsletter Form in The Sidebar

Last year, I wrote an article explaining why I switched from MailChimp to MailerLite. I’ve been using MailerLite ever since and couldn’t be happier. They allow you to create web forms that can be customized and placed on your blog by creating a widget.

sign up form editor - MailerLite

MailerLite allows you to design signup forms for your website.

After a quick web form customization, I’ve had my sign up form ready and running in less than 10 minutes that can be seen on most posts and allows people to opt-in at any time they are on Despreneur.

embedded sign up form

Despreneur newsletter form in the sidebar.

Have a Subscription Form After Each Post

Popups and signup forms in the sidebar can be pretty aggressive for the first time users as they are not quite sure what you are offering. Consider having a subscription form after each post to encourage people to get updates if they liked your article. If you keep providing great content, people will want more of that, so placing a sign up form at the end of the post is a very smart strategy.

sign up form on web

Despreneur newsletter form after each post.

Add a Scroll Triggered Reminder Popup

Last but not least, add a scroll-triggered reminder popup. Open up your SumoMe dashboard and install Scroll Box app that allows you to create a customizable popup that shows up after you scroll a set amount of the page to remind people to sign up for future updates.

Scroll-triggered reminder popup behaviour settings.

I use this reminder popup to encourage people to join the upcoming Despreneur Academy by talking about the benefits of becoming a part of it.

slide box popup example

Scroll triggered bottom reminder popup.

Another great tactic to consider is to give away something for free, people love free stuff. Designmodo utilizes this tactic by offering web design freebies and resources.

slidebox popup example

Designmodo reminder popup example.

By using Scroll Box you’re not alienating your visitors right away, only after they scroll a certain amount of the website you offer them to opt-in for future updates, this tactic is not as aggressive as showing a full-screen popup. Using Scroll Box allowed me to collect 497 email subscribers to date.

ebook downloads statistics

Scroll box collected 497 email addresses with a 0.44% conversion rate.

What To Do With Collected Emails?

Luckily MailerLite and SumoMe recently released an integration that imports new subscribers collected via SumoMe into the MailerLite list. Once you have all the email subscribers in your MailerLite dashboard you can do numerous things, create and send newsletters, set up autoresponders and run various A/B tests to determine what works best with your audience.

MailerLite integration with SumoMe.

There are numerous strategies and resources that can help you grow your email list. Check out Stories on SumoMe and Tips & Resources on MailerLite to find the best and most actionable email marketing tips.


By using very simple tactics, you can get the so-called low hanging fruits and collect more subscribers than you have imagined.

Consider applying these 4 tactics that helped me collect over 2,000 subscribers as it takes less than an hour to implement and you can see the results right away.

If you have any questions, ping me on Twitter @tomaslau.


Since June 2016, MailerLite has its own internal popup subscribe forms. You will find the new popup forms under Webforms in your MailerLite account. Hope you like them!

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