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7 deadly sins in email marketing

7 deadly sins in email marketing

Mistake #1. You don’t collect emails

On average, a person visits website 7 times before he/she decides to make a purchase. 7 times. That’s a lot!

How could you impact the process?

Ask for an email when people visit your website for the first time. If they came, they are interested in what you do. Let them know more. What is more genuine than writing a letter.

To get more emails offer something in return. A free book. Discount. Prize. Free workout.

Remember to collect emails offline. To tell you the truth, it’s easier to collect email offline than online. Here’s our new app to collect more subscribers: “MailerLite Subscribe App for iPad”.

Mistake #2. You don’t send or rarely send an email

Giving an email is a sign that someone want to start relationship with you. It’s just like when a girl gives you a telephone number and you never call. If you ask for an email, please send them at least a welcome letter. Say thank you and introduce yourself.

Some people tend to send emails as rarely as possible. They don’t want to irritate the audience. Less emails don’t mean more engaged customers. On the contrary. If you email less than once per month, you’re no longer keeping your company in the forefront of customers’ minds. What about engagement? If your content is engaging, you will have engaged readers. If you can write and continue ADDING VALUE to your customers’ lives every single day, do it. It’s way easier to write less than more.

Read more about frequency in email marketing: “Email frequency: how much is too much?”

Mistake #3. You forget welcome email

Welcome emails typically have the highest open rates of any marketing emails: they have an average open rate of 50-60%. That’s huge opportunity.

What’s more, subscribers who receive a welcome email increase their long-term engagement with a brand by 33% until they decide to stop engaging.

So if you send a welcome email, don’t just say thank you for subscribing. Instead start a conversation with your reader. Introduce yourself. Send useful information. Ask for a feedback. Create added value and competitive advantage.

There is a butcher in Chicago’s market that sells beef. He collects emails from every single buyer. The burcher has a pre-made autoreponders series. Every week the readers get one email with beef recipes. Simple and genius idea to position himself as a beef expert and stand out of the crowd in the market.

Read more about autoresponders series: “Autoresponders are just like dating”.

Mistake #4. Trust your intuition

We usually think we know the audience. But sometime it’s very useful to talk to them. Send a survey to get a feedback.

I know, I know what you are thinking. I have mixed feelings about surveys as well. Yes, I know it is good to get feedback from your customers. At the same time I feel guilty to ask for a favour.

Actually, psychology researches show that if you do someone a favour, you tend to like that person more as a result. The reason is that we justify our actions to ourselves by assuming that we did the person a favour because we like them. Want to be loved by customers? Ask a favour – send a survey.

Read more how we sent the survey and why it was successful: “Sending survey via email: how to get the best results?”

Mistake #5. No unsubscribe link

If someone is no longer interested in your content, that’s ok. Let them unsubscribe. They are not your audience. Your biggest goal should be building email list, rather than preventing unsubscribes.

Don’t hide unsubscribe link. If people don’t find it, they will press spam button. And that’s way worse than unsubscribe.

Check out what big is the unsubscribe button in Gap’s email:

Mistake #6. Wrong landing page

Be sure that the reader goes to certain landing page when they press the link in the email. Double check all the links before hit send button.

For example, I got the email. When I pressed photo with freshener and was linked to the landing page about vegetables. Do you expect me to search for the refreshers now? No. I just closed the website and deleted the email. Sorry.

The same thing about the mobile friendly website. If your audience read emails on mobile devices, make sure your website is mobile friendly as well. Everyone hates zooming the screen to read the text. We just close the website. And you lose the reader.

Mistake #7. ???

Now it’s your turn. What I’ve missed? What other deadly sin would you suggest in the list?