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65 special events to kickstart your February newsletter ideas

· 21 min read · Email marketing · Jan 12, 2024
Lay, marketing team

Some people are happy that February is a short month! The end of winter can be a tough time, but we’ve got 65 February newsletter ideas to brighten up your subscribers’ inboxes. ✨

So even if you’re feeling a little uninspired for your email marketing ideas, this handy list has you covered. From the obvious (Valentine’s Day) to the not-so-obvious (Cow Milked While Flying in an Airplane Day), you can delight your target audience with fresh newsletter content that keeps them engaged and excited for more.

Before you begin…

Remember that relevance is key. Pick events that relate to your business in some way—even if it is as simple as adding a P.S. to remind your readers of the special day. 

Bear in mind that some of these days hold special cultural and/or religious significance, so if you choose to refer to them in your content marketing, remember to be sensitive and considerate. 

Use this as a guide to help plan your newsletter ideas for February. We encourage you to experiment and to keep it Lite!

Brace yourselves for the international celebration of all things love, hearts, couples, and cuteness. Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day can also be the perfect moment to show your subscribers how much you appreciate them. 

  • Newsletter idea: Offer your subscribers a ‘self-love’ discount code to treat themselves

We love this 14 February newsletter from MeUndies, which perfectly captures the fun, quirky dynamics of real couples and makes the subscriber smile.

MeUndies Valentine's Day email
Image credit: MeUndies

Dive deeper into this with our article on creating the ultimate Valentine's Day email campaign.

Black History Month is about celebrating inspirational Black figures and educating people about the history and experiences within the Black community.

  • Newsletter idea: List your favorite Black nonprofit organizations where subscribers can access educational resources, printables, and lesson plans, or give a shoutout to Black business owners in your local area

This Black History Month newsletter from Etsy celebrates the Black creatives and artists within their community.

Etsy Black History Month email example
Image credit: Etsy

If you have a rugby-loving subscriber base, this is as good as it gets. The big season has arrived, and England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales will battle it out.

  • Newsletter idea: Post an email survey in your newsletter for subscribers to place their bets on who’s going to win the 2024 Six Nations Championship

This events newsletter from Fever builds up the hype for this international rugby tournament, offering special discounts for people coming to watch the game.

Fever Six Nations email example
Image credit: Fever Labs, Inc.

Mardi Gras is traditionally a Roman Catholic carnival meant for getting together and enjoying all your favorite fatty foods before Lent. Today, it’s celebrated by feather-filled parades all over the world. Many also say Mardi Gras helped usher in the Gay Rights Movement in the US, which is also the case in Australia, where Sydney Mardi Gras has become the biggest LGBTQIA+ event in the world.

  • Newsletter idea: Celebrate Mardi Gras by incorporating bright colors into your email design. Add some shimmer and movement with a flashy email GIF to capture your readers’ attention

In preparation for the Sydney Mardi Gras parade, Uber shared a Mardi Gras newsletter featuring pride flags and told subscribers how to celebrate safely.

Mardi Gras newsletter example from Uber
Image credit: Uber

Chinese New Year is the first day of the lunisolar calendar, marking the beginning of the Year of the Dragon. Celebrations include fireworks, parades, wearing red clothes, and gifting money in red envelopes. 

The first day of the lunar calendar is also celebrated in countries including Korea, where it’s called Seollal, and Vietnam, where it’s known as Tết. 

  • Newsletter idea: Wish your subscribers a happy New Year! Celebrate with a red email design or promote products with this color scheme 

Ashley & Co. used a red design in its Lunar New Year email while encouraging people to engage in thought and reflection. They also provide subscribers with the gift of free shipping on any order. 

A screenshot of an email celebrating lunar new year
Source: Ashley & Co.

Here are 12 of our favorite February subject lines used in real campaigns. Choose your favorites to maximize newsletter opens. For further February subject line inspiration, consider using our AI subject line generator to create ideas for you.

  • Celebrate Black History today & all year long! (Epic for Kids)

  • Looking for Ways to Celebrate Black History Month? (Quizlet)

  • Our top tips to ride safe this Mardi Gras (Uber)

  • Can you stream the love tonight? ❤️(Disney+)

  • Valentine’s Day is Less than a Week Away! (Meridian)

  • Valentine’s Day Favorites Made with Love (Land O’Lakes)

  • Five Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day (Tattly)

  • A Lunar New Year with free shipping! (Ashley & Co)

  • Be our Valentine? 💌 (Canva)

  • That big thing is happening in February (Thortful)

  • This February, take the next step for your career (Coursera)

  • New February releases (Goodreads)

Here are 3 topics you can discuss in February. These ideas don’t relate to any specific date, they’re just fun ideas you can talk about during the month. 

Self-care tips

For those in the northern hemisphere, February is the last month of winter and the end of a long period of gray weather and short days. 

Newsletter idea: Give your subscribers self-care tips to help them cope until the brighter months of spring. Make it personal by sharing how you and your team stay positive. 

New Year's resolution reminder

We all start the year with the best of intentions. But by February, that box of chocolates looks extremely tempting. And do you really need to go for a run when it’s so cold outside?

Newsletter idea: Keep your subscribers on track to hit their goals with a New Year's resolution reminder. Share your own progress and the strategies that have kept you going. Ask your list to share their progress with a survey then include the best results in upcoming campaigns.

Carnival season

Like Mardi Gras, Carnival season comes from the festival before Lent, which in 2024 starts on February 14. Traditionally it was a final chance to enjoy some excess before fasting. There are many famous carnivals, as well as smaller ones that take place around the world. 

Newsletter idea: Local businesses can share information about carnivals in their area. Newsletters with a global audience could ask subscribers to share how they celebrate.

MailerLite customers can access tons of professionally designed newsletter templates to use throughout the year. What’s more, we’re constantly updating the selection. Check out some templates relevant to February below.

Here are events taking place throughout the month that could be incorporated into your campaigns.

1. National Library Lover’s Month 

Yes, people still love libraries. This month is all about showing appreciation to our libraries, which form important community hubs and hold a wealth of information that anyone can access.

  • Newsletter idea: Embed an image in your email, showing a photo of your latest library read and how it impacted you

2. North American Inclusion Month 

North American Inclusion Month (NAIM) is all about creating more education and employment opportunities for people living with disabilities.

  • Newsletter idea: Share an infographic of local nonprofits, small businesses, and organizations that promote inclusive opportunities, and encourage your subscribers to donate or volunteer

3. International Vegan Cuisine Month

Whether for health and/or ethical reasons, this is the ideal time to promote the vegan lifestyle. Help people start with this animal product-free diet by sharing tasty recipes.

  • Newsletter idea: Post your favorite vegan recipe in your newsletter for your subscribers to try

4. National Bake For Family Fun Month (US)

As the name suggests, this event is all about getting families into the kitchen and baking. If you need an excuse to have more cookies and cakes in your life, this is the moment!

  • Newsletter idea: Post a new baking recipe in each weekly newsletter for families to try together during February

OK, some of these events aren’t exactly one week, but we’re rolling with it. 😁

1. National Storytelling Week (27 January - 4 February 2024)

Hosted by the UK nonprofit The Society for Storytelling, this week is focused on the power of stories, and it especially encourages children to experiment with story-centered activities.

  • Newsletter idea: Get in the spirit of storytelling by sharing how you created your business, and where it’s brought you so far

2. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival (9 February - 17 February 2024)

Known for its bright colors, flamboyant parades, and party spirit, Rio de Janeiro hosts the biggest carnival in the world, held every year before Lent.

  • Newsletter idea: Decorate your newsletter design in a carnival style and create a ‘parade’ of your best products in an email GIF

3. Random Acts of Kindness Week (11 February - 17 February 2024)

Random Acts of Kindness Week is run by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (RAKF) to help make kindness the norm. They promote kindness through ideas, quotes, and free resources.

  • Newsletter idea: Perform a kind act towards your subscribers or encourage them to do the same. The RAKF has a free calendar stuffed with resources and ideas

1 February 2024

  • National Freedom Day (US): Celebrate the signing of the amendment abolishing slavery by incorporating a historical anecdote in your newsletter

  • Optimist Day: Create a printable PDF for your subscribers to download, with a template for them to list the things they’re grateful for. Or, add an in-email survey and let them write their gratitude directly within the email

2 February 2024

  • National Groundhog Day: Add a tiny groundhog illustration somewhere in your email design, and challenge your subscribers to ‘spot the groundhog’

  • Candlemas Day: Celebrate this Christian tradition by writing out your goals for the coming year in your newsletter 

  • National Wear Red Day: Decorate your newsletter with red tones to mark this special occasion and raise awareness about heart disease

  • National Working Naked Day: Yes, this is real… but we couldn’t think of any ideas that we would recommend 😂

3 February 2024

  • Take Your Child To The Library Day: Give a roundup of the top 10 children’s books that will get the kids into reading

4 February 2024

  • World Cancer Day: Most of us have been impacted by this disease, either directly or indirectly. Mark this day by sharing your favorite nonprofits for subscribers to support

  • Dump Your Significant Jerk Day: Share tips on how to break up with a textbook jerk. You can also include links to domestic violence helplines

5 February 2024

  • National Chocolate Fondue Day: Everything tastes better with chocolate, but what’s the best thing to dip in a fondue? Ask your subscribers to find out

6 February 2024

  • Pay a Compliment Day: Compliment your subscribers with compliment-ary shipping 😉

  • Safer Internet Day: Share a list of resources for people to help keep themselves and their loved ones safe online, such as

7 February 2024

  • Send A Card To A Friend Day: Send a virtual ‘card’ to subscribers, telling them how much you value them. And if you want to be extra nice, you can throw in an email coupon

  • World Ballet Day: If you’re a dancer or a ballet fan, add a video link to one of your favorite performances for subscribers to enjoy

  • World Read Aloud Day: If you’ve written a book, article, or poem that you’re proud of, share a video of yourself reading it aloud

8 February 2024

  • Laugh and Get Rich Day: Share your best jokes with subscribers to enrich them with the gift of laughter

  • Fat Thursday: Celebrate this Polish tradition by sharing photos and recipes of your favorite sweet treats, before Lent begins

9 February 2024

  • Read In The Bathtub Day: Write a glowing review of the last book you enjoyed, and include it in your newsletter

10 February 2024

  • National Umbrella day: If you run a business or freelance services, remind your subscribers about all the things you cover (pardon the pun)

11 February 2024

  • National Make A Friend Day: Re-introduce yourself to new subscribers in your newsletter and link to your social media profiles so they can keep in touch

  • Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day: Share your favorite stress-relieving activities in your newsletter

  • World Marriage Day: Share a gift guide and/or a promo coupon for people who want to treat their partner

12 February 2024

  • Lost Penny Day: Remind your subscribers that everything adds up, and share some of your favorite hacks for saving money and organizing your finances

13 February 2024

  • Get A Different Name Day: Have you recently re-branded your business? Share the story behind the decision and what this new branding means to you

  • Extraterrestrial Culture Day: An official day in New Mexico. Take the time to list some of your favorite extraterrestrial movie recommendations

14 February 2024

  • Valentine’s Day: (See key events)

  • International Book Giving Day: If you’re an author, offer a special discount on your books for one day only

15 February 2024

  • Singles Awareness Day: Spread the self-love with a special invitation for your subscribers to treat themselves, either through a coupon, free delivery, or a giveaway for a VIP experience

16 February 2024

  • No One Eats Alone Day: Host a virtual “dinner” on Zoom or Teams (here’s how to do an RSVP event email) and have a Q&A session with your subscribers

17 February 2024

  • Random Acts Of Kindness Day: Surprise your target audience with a special freebie to show them how much you care

  • My Way Day: Encourage your subscribers to not be afraid to pursue bold ideas, and list ways they can put themselves first this year

18 February 2024

  • Cow Milked While Flying in an Airplane Day: Yep. You read that right. Delight subscribers with a shout-out to Nellie Jay the flying cow

19 February 2024

  • International Tug Of War Day: Run a comparison (or “tug of war”) between two of your products to help people decide which one is right for them

  • President’s Day: Share some interesting facts about US presidents from the past or present

20 February 2024

  • National Love Your Pet Day: Include a P.S. line at the end of your email with a “note” from your pet to your subscribers (and a pawprint email signature, if you’re feeling extra creative)

21 February 2024

  • International Mother Language Day: If your mother language is different from the one you use for your newsletters, share a fun list of easy vocabulary to learn at the end of your email

22 February 2024

  • World Thinking Day: Include a riddle in your email and offer a prize to the first three subscribers who respond with the correct answer

  • Single Tasking Day: Remind people to slow down and do one thing at a time

  • Play More Cards Day: Share a downloadable family activity pack with instructions for easy-to-play card games

  • Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day: Share a list of local events and resources subscribers can visit to help girls gain an interest in engineering

23 February 2024

  • National Play Tennis Day: Encourage your subscribers to pick up their rackets, get active, and enjoy a few sets of tennis

24 February 2024

  • World Bartender Day: Show subscribers how to be their own bartender with DIY cocktail recipes

25 February 2024

  • National Clam Chowder Day: Share your favorite clam chowder recipe or ask readers for their tips on creating the perfect dish

26 February 2024

  • Carpe Diem Day: Remind your target audience to seize the day and list several ways they can do so (e.g. trying something new, creating a bucket list, listening to an inspirational podcast, etc.)

  • Tell A Fairytale Day: Share the story of how your business can help people to live their ‘happily ever after’ 

27 February 2024

  • World NGO Day: List the nonprofit organizations that are close to your heart and share how your subscribers can support them

  • Fairtrade Fortnight: (See week-long events

28 February 2024

  • National Floral Design Day: Create a piece of artwork using a floral theme and share a photo of it with your subscribers, or link to some printable floral coloring sheets for them to enjoy

  • Inconvenience Yourself Day: In the spirit of putting others first, “inconvenience” yourself by offering a special discount to subscribers

29 February 2024

  • Digital Learning Day: Create a free online course automation and offer it to subscribers (you could even make it a mini intro to one of your paid courses)

February: Done and dusted

February is packed full of events and anniversaries to keep your content marketing interesting. Use these ideas to promote your products, case studies, FAQs, and more—but also don’t be afraid to show some of your personality! It’ll make people feel more connected to you and your brand, which can only mean good things for your conversions.

Are you using any of these special events for your February newsletters? Post a preview link below—we’d love to see it! 😍

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