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Have You Seen the Best Ever Newsletter? You Should.

Have You Seen the Best Ever Newsletter? You Should.

Today I want share my discovery of the week with you.

The Gary Halbert Letter.

For 14 years from 1986 Gary Halbert had a paid newsletter, called The Gary Halbert Letter.

The subscription price was $195 per year and, had readers in more than 50 countries. Then, Halbert started offering a Lifetime Subscription for $2,855. And all the subscribers became Lifetime subscribers.

How crazy is that? Wonder what is the newsletter all about? Copywriting and marketing.

The Prince of Print. Icon of copy writing. Marketing Master. Gary Halbert is still one of the great copywriters that has ever lived (he passed away in 2007).

His letters are great tool to improve copy writing and marketing in your newsletters.

And you know what is the best?

Now you can read all the newsletters online FOR FREE.

Here are my best letters of Halbert

Newsletter how to become a copywriter in just 30 days.

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“Selling is like seduction. If you ask a woman to go to bed with you, whether or not she says “yes” is largely a matter of when you ask her. If you ask her immediately, as soon as you’ve been introduced, most likely she will think you are a creep and tell you to get lost. However, if you wait a while, wait until she gets to know you a little, wait until you’ve wined and dined her a few times, wait until she’s had a chance to warm up to you, to discover you are, indeed, a fine fellow, then, my friend, your chances of getting a “yes” for an answer are much, much better. So it is with selling.”

– – – – –

Lots of examples of good written ads

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The letter gives the best explanation why no one needs to buy email lists.

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Pro copywriters don’t have time to wait for inspiration. What pros do is follow mechanical, drone-like procedures… which literally force… breakthrough ideas to energize!

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Don’t miss the best newsletter! You just can’t afford that.

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