Silvestras3 min readNew Features & UpdatesJanuary 11, 2016

Kick-start the New Year with updates in MailerLite galaxy

Kick-start the New Year with updates in MailerLite galaxy

The Force has been strong in our developers lately. Many new features and updates released they have. Let’s take a look at what has been launched for the New Year from an office far far away.

Code block in Drag & Drop editor

There has been an awakening in our Drag & Drop editor. A new block has born. We call it the “Code” block. Though warn you we must – not for everyone it is. Only for those who have mastered the Force of the HTML coding.

Code block in Drag & Drop editor MailerLite

To add the block – simply drag it on your newsletter and click the text “Your HTML content goes here”. Enter or paste your code in the editor to customize the campaign even more, you are now able to.

As with any other block, modified via “Settings” tab, the background color can be. Fully customizable, margin also is. With some HTML knowledge, more customizations than in regular blocks, achieve you can. For example, align several subtitles for images or add your own fancy content that couldn’t be added normally.

Use the new block wisely, young padawan, and the Force of MailerLite will serve you well.

Webforms can be copied

Instead of spending your precious time creating another webform from scratch, you can now copy the old one. Simply select the gear icon menu in your webform and choose the “Copy” action.

A clone of your old webform will appear right next to it and you can build your army of clones to fight the Republic! I mean, collect subscribers.

Copy webforms MailerLite

Save newsletter as a PDF file

Converted to a PDF file and saved on your computer, every newsletter can be. Whether the campaign is hiding in the surface of the “Drafts” folder or lurking in the dark corners of the “Sent” folder, simply click on the preview icon with your mouse lightsaber. “Save as PDF” button, you will see.

Review the newsletter physically, your Master may want – simply save it and print the .pdf file. If the power of MailerLite served you well and created a piece of art you have – frame and hang it in your own office galaxy!

Save newsletter as a PDF file MailerLite

Export and print your campaign reports

If printing a newsletter does not seem enough, the option to print your campaign reports, we have also added. Saved as a .csv file and printed, every report can now be. Simply select the action from the drop down menu in the “Sent” folder under your campaign reports.

After downloading the report – details like delivery date and time, total recipients, open, spam and bounce rates, click reports, you can see. Which details you would like to be printed in the report, you can select as well.

Export and print your campaign reports MailerLite

Master these new features and you will feel the power of email marketing growing strong within you.

Have a lite day, from the office far far away!