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Gediminas2 min readNew Features & UpdatesMay 26, 2016

New e-commerce templates

New e-commerce templates

If you have purchased something online (and I’m sure you have, along with 41.3 percent of other global internet users), you were using one of the many online shops.

With booming e-commerce market in mind, we want our customers to have the best tools available for their email marketing campaigns.

Today, we are happy to introduce new e-commerce templates to boost your business!

Where to find the new templates?

All our templates can be found under the Template Gallery:

  1. Click “Create a new campaign”.
  2. Enter the subject, select language and check the “From” address and click “Next”.
  3. Click on “Template Gallery”.
  4. The new templates are the top ones – Sale Picks, Introduce, Inspiration, Deals, Special Offer, Product Announcement.

Tips and tricks

We have designed these new templates for specific online shops. Travel businesses, gift shop owners, clothing stores, fashion designers, electronics and entertainment suppliers can now use a unique sample design for their campaigns.

That does not mean other e-commerce entrepreneurs are left behind. With the abundant variety of different blocks and customizations, even the most fastidious marketer can create a beautiful newsletter design in minutes.

Furthermore, we have updated our Top Offers and Featured Deals templates. More editing options were added for enhanced customisation.

Here are some tips and tricks worth knowing when using the new templates:

  • Select item blocks to promote your products. You can choose from 1, 2 or 3 item blocks.
  • Most blocks have spacing sliders for optimal block position – check out the “Design” tab.
  • Add the navigation links to your website.
  • Use the discount field in our item blocks to promote a new price.
  • Page background and general design can be customized under the main “Design” tab. Most blocks have their own “Design” tab for more options.
  • If a particular block is not available in one template, you might find it in another.

Use these tips to your to make your newsletter stand out as a piece of art!

Already created an awesome newsletter? Don’t forget to share your campaign on social media – I’m sure your friends will be impressed!