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Summer Review: 7 New Features

Summer Review: 7 New Features

Welcome back from holidays!

We’ve noticed you switched your surfboards to office chairs, mild sea breeze got replaced by a lovely air-con and mojitos are making way for morning coffee. You can almost smell the taste of back-to-business.

For those of you who spent holidays being out and away in an offline mode, leaving us at a pleasant discussion with your auto-reply messages, we have collected all our summer updates and new features into one list. We want to make sure you are not missing out on anything!

So, here we go:

1. A/B Split Testing

The highly requested and anticipated feature has finally arrived. A/B split test is a powerful tool that allows you to try different variations of your newsletter for optimizing campaign performance.

Test your subject variations including personalization and question method, try a different sender name or design alternative content versions.

Before you get started with an A/B test, there is one rule to remember – make sure you’re only testing one element at a time. Otherwise you won’t know what change was responsible for the change in conversions.

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2. Auto Resend feature

With Auto Resend you can now resend your campaign automatically to those who did not open the newsletter.

You can increase your sales by reaching up to 30% more subscribers with this feature! No need to manually pull the non-opener reports, save them to a new group and remember to think up new subject lines. Auto Resend does this automatically for you.

Choose what you want to change in the resend campaign, select which subscribers will receive it and set the time when the second email will be sent. We recommend sending the second email at least 24 hours after the first email was sent.

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3. Email Templates

Creating an attractive and eye-catching newsletter has never been easier. In the editor selection you will now have a new option – “Templates”.

So far we have added 6 templates for you to choose from – more to come very soon. These templates are designed to match different business needs. You can use them for announcements, galleries, newsletters, surveys, simple text messages or e-commerce.

All templates are based on Drag-and-Drop editor interface. Simply click on blocks and customize them using the editor. You can arrange these blocks the way you like as well as add new ones using the “+” symbol.

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4. Custom Template Design Service

If you would like to have your own template designed just for you – we have introduced Custom Email Template Design service.

Feel free to contact our designers to discuss your preferences for custom template. Tell us more about your business and we will build a tailor made template with your branding and special content blocks.

5. HTML Editor redesigned

We have completely redesigned our HTML editor. The main idea was to enable you to edit the code and see the changes automatically in the editor.

You can add your HTML code by importing from URL or ZIP file, as well as simply copy/pasting the code. All images imported from Zip or URL will be automatically saved in the new File Manager.

You can toggle images (on/off) to preview ALT text and optimize your email for image blocking. Inline your style with Automatic CSS Inliner.

Finally, we have included a list of merge tags that you can use to personalize your emails.

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6. File Manager

Upload, save and re-use your images easily with the new File Manager!

You can now have all your images uploaded and organized in one place – no need to browse them in your computer. What’s more, you will be able to share your files with other team members.

File Manager can be accessed from any of our editors or templates by adding a new image. You can select an image used before or upload a new one. To keep yourself organized – create folders and sort files by upload date, name or size.

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7. Group Exclusion

Last, but not least important feature released this summer enables you to exclude a particular group or a segment from the send list.

When you select the exclude group option, it will not only exclude all subscribers in the selected group, but also exclude these subscribers if they are duplicated in any other list that you marked for sending.

For example, if you are running a travel agency and selling a trip to Bali – send the campaign to everyone, but exclude those, who have already been there or have already purchased this trip. Similar exclusion methods can be applied for e-shop owners, webinar and event organizers and others.

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We hope you will enjoy using these new features and expand your email marketing horizons to a whole new level!

We are definitely not stopping here – expect to see even more new features this Autumn!