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TOP 3 Takeaways from Email Design Conference 2013 London #TEDC13

TOP 3 Takeaways from Email Design Conference 2013 London #TEDC13

Last week we attended the Email Design Conference in London. It was great to see and meet so many email geeks in one place. Everyone was speaking the same language – open rates, click rates, sender reputation, responsive design, media queries and etc. I’m not going into the details right now, but I wanted to highlight the TOP 3 takeaways from the conference:

1. The Year of Responsive

According to Justine Jordan (@meladorri) from Litmus, 48% of emails are opened on mobile (August 2013 stats). Of course this rate can differ and depends on your market and subscribers. But it’s a fact that mobile opens are rapidly growing. It means that your newsletters must have responsive design. Otherwise you will be loosing subscribers as told by Ros Hodgekiss (@yarrcat) from Campaign Monitor: “One in three subscribers will unsubscribe if they can’t read a message properly on their mobile device”.

The good news is that your newsletters created with MailerLite are responsive and look great on mobile devices! Mobile friendly Email Newsletters…

2. Mobile first is the future

It seems that in the future it won’t be enough just having a responsive design where you try to fit the desktop version of the email to a smaller screen.

You have one chance to make an impression (Elliot Ross from Action Rocket, @iamelliot) – users don’t open the same email twice on different devices. So if your email is not optimized for mobile or has too much content, it has a chance of 80% to be deleted immediately.

One of my favourite presentations was by Matt Byrd (@mparkerbyrd) from WeddingWire. He showed how his company newsletter design evolved from content heavy in 2011 to mobile first in 2013. The result – 24% boost in CTR.

3. Use Video to build trust

Another trend is using video in emails. Most probably you know that because of technical limitations you can’t play the video inside email client, but you can use an image with play icon as call to action. It will dramatically increase your click rate. Try it yourself!

Moreover, Brendan Schwartz (@brendan) from Wistia thinks that video in email can help build trust. You can show your office and team – people like seeing real faces behind a product and that builds trust. Here is an example of Wistia newsletters:

Are you afraid of making a video? Think that it will cost a lot? Forget all excuses! Making a great video is easy – you just need a few iPhones, some lights and a little bit of practice. Learn more about that in Wistia Learning Center.

To sum up, it was 2 great days, full of interesting presentations, lots of new ideas and great crowd of email lovers. It’s not a surprise that mobile and responsive design is the hottest topic right now. We’ll be also moving that direction and soon will introduce some great features for even better mobile design.