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Email Evolution Miami TOP 3 Takeaways from Email Evolution 2014 in Miami #EEC14

Email Evolution Miami TOP 3 Takeaways from Email Evolution 2014 in Miami #EEC14
Last week I attended Email Evolution conference in sunny Miami. I want to share 3 takeaways from the event.

#1. “Open rate is completely irrelevant”

Yes, you read that right. This statement was made by Dela Quist (@DelaQuist), CEO of Alchemy Worx.

According to Dela Quist, if you want to grow your revenue, you have to increase email frequency:

“If someone receives 10 emails they are more likely to open 1 than someone who received only 1.” Tweet this!

He introduced new metric – open reach.

OPEN REACH = number of subscribers that opened at least one email / number of subscribers that have received at least one email at a given time period

For example, you sell jeans. How many pairs of jeans a person buys per year? Most probably one or two. So it’s ok if people open several emails a year as long as they convert into sales. Just keep sending emails and wait until customers need your product/service.

According to the research made by Alchemy Worx:

“You get more revenue from people who open 1 email per year than from those who are highly engaged and read every email you send.”

It means that you have to focus on those who open for the first time or do it rarely. That will help you grow open reach.

Don’t be afraid to send more emails!

#2. Video video video

According to Justin Foster from VideoEmail:

“Video is the most popular and most effective storytelling medium. Now you can deliver video in email at up to 70% of your list”.

Here is information about email client support for video. The technology behind this solution is to first detect what email client your recipients are using as they open your email and dynamically serve either a full video with audio, a silent animated .GIF/.PNG video (if enabled) or a static image, depending on what the mail client supports.

Here are some great examples of video in email:

#3. Social is loosing buzz

“Email is much more profitable than social” – Simms Jenkins (@SimmsJenkins), author “The New Inbox” and “The Truth about Email Marketing”.

Moreover, he thinks that social is losing buzz, because it doesn’t deliver ROI as expected. He encouraged marketers to focus marketing budgets on email:

Steal money back from social. Email has more momentum.” Tweet this!

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