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TOP 21 Quotes from Email Evolution 2014 #EEC14

TOP 21 Quotes from Email Evolution 2014 #EEC14
  • “Open rate is completely irrelevant.” Tweet this!
  • “If you want a 100% open rate, email your mother.” Tweet this!
  • “If you’re afraid of sending more emails, you are stupid!” Tweet this!
  • “Engagement is driven by frequency.” Tweet this!
  • “You get more revenue from people who open 1 email per year than from those who read every email you send.” Tweet this!
  • “If someone receives 10 emails they are more likely to open 1 than someone who received only 1.” Tweet this!
  • “You can’t engage with an email you didn’t get.” Tweet this!
  • “Subscribers are waiting for that one email they are interested in, so just keep sending.” Tweet this!
  • “No one actually works as hard at acquisition as they do at preventing unsubscribes, and that’s stupid.” Tweet this!
  • “Social is loosing buzz.” Tweet this!
  • “Steal money back from social. Email has more momentum.” Tweet this!
  • “Social needs email more than email needs social.” Tweet this!
  • “People are checking email more than making phone calls on smartphones.” Tweet this!
  • “Revenues per click on mobile email exceed revenue on desktop by 2 times.” Tweet this!
  • “Be aware of sending on weekends & holidays as these are “high mobility” days—people are away from their desktop.” Tweet this!
  • “Don’t blindly follow the advice of others. Just because “Hey” worked for Obama doesn’t mean it will work for you!” Tweet this!
  • “We have to look at the overall experiences our customers have with our brand—stop pushing the sale.” Tweet this!
  • “Who are you sending your email to? An individual, not a list. Always remember who you’re talking to.” Tweet this!
  • “Talk to your consumers via email in a more real way. Add fun facts about your company, or pictures of giraffes.” Tweet this!
  • “The decline in Gmail opens came from people who didn’t care before. Now they care less!” Tweet this!
  • “Develop ONE campaign that seeks to engage the customer and start a conversation. Start small, nobody is perfect!” Tweet this!

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