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Ignas2 min readBehind the ScenesNew Features & UpdatesAugust 20, 2014

Updates after the Hackathon

Updates after the Hackathon

Last week we had a hackathon. On a ship, in the Baltic Sea.

Photo for our team’s hackathon in the Baltic sea

We gathered all team in one place for 2 days and set the goal to build 3 most requested small features.

Here are the results:

1. More colors

We have extended our list of predefined colors with a color selector:

2. Highlighted blocks

Now you can change background of any block. It’s a great way to highlight some important stuff.

3. More Footer layouts

We have added more options for your newsletter footer design. You can choose from 5 layouts:

Simple. Just text, like before.

Two columns + Social Share. It adds Like and Tweet buttons. These buttons “like” or “tweet” the email url, so you don’t have to enter your Facebook or Twitter page url.

Two columns + Social Links. To use the social links, you will have to enter links to your social pages.

One column + Social Share

One column + Social Links

Overall, we had 2 very productive and fun days. We will definitely do another hackathon in the future. So keep sending us your feature requests and ideas how to make MailerLite the best email marketing service.