Landing page editor

Landing pages are like small websites attached to a subscription form. They’re great for attracting new subscribers or promoting offers.

To use the landing page editor, navigate to Forms and then to the Landing Pages tab. Then create a new page using the orange button upper right, or click on Edit next to an existing landing page.

For your convenience, we already created different landing page templates. All of them are fully customizable.

In the editor, you’ll find 2 main tabs, the Landing page and Success page tab. The landing page is the main page that you’ll want to beautifully design. The success page is shown after people have subscribed. It’s similar to a Thank You page.

Edit and place each specific block as desired. You get to design the content, fields, settings and design, just like editing email campaigns. You can check your page in both desktop and mobile preview.

After you’re done editing, you can continue with the settings and stats.

In the page settings, you’re able to change the landing page URL, optimize the SEO settings and customize the Facebook sharing. The stats will appear once your form is up and running (we also calculate your conversion rate!).

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