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5 reasons to use the reader’s name in a subject line

5 reasons to use the reader’s name in a subject line

In “How to Win Friends & Influence People,” Dale Carnegie says:

“A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Does that work in email marketing?

Research says that the answer is yes.

Retention Science analyzed 260 million emails and 540 campaigns and found that personalization did increase email open rates. Subject lines with the readers’s name had 16.5% higher open rates than without (18.3% with personalization compared to 15.7%).

Similarly, Experian found that personalized subject lines have 26% higher unique open rates than non-personalized emails (19.4% with personalization compared to 15.4% without).

The bump from personalization, however, varies by industry. Personalized subject lines have provided the biggest boost in unique open rates for travel companies (unique open rates of 28.5% with personalization compared to 17.3% without).

Still not convinced?

Marketing Sherpa found that a personalized subject line affects both open rates and click-through rates. In the study, personalized emails had a 5.13% higher average open rate than the regular emails and 17.36% higher click-through rate.

Don’t want to look spammy?

According to the results of Harry’s Interactive survey, 82% of online shoppers say they would buy more items from a brand if the emails they sent were more personalized.

Do you know what's even better?

Experian’s study showed that 70% of marketers say that they do not personalize their emails.

Are you ready to stand out?

Press Personalization which is next to the subject line and select variable that you want to use: