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6 quick wins for Valentine’s email marketing

6 quick wins for Valentine’s email marketing


According to the National Retail Federation, on Valentine’s men outspend women by more than double. Men intend to spend on average $128, while women intend to spend $40. This should give you a good guide to what prices you should be offering in your email promotion and what gender they should be aimed at.

Use the certain tone for writing emails for males and females.

Create a sense of urgency and stress the benefits of getting things done NOW (and remind males how annoying shops can be!).

Solve their problem in your headlines and email subject lines, such as: Can’t think of what to get her? Well that’s because you haven’t seen our Valentine’s idea’s yet…

Offer the solution and ideas in the email:


The most popular Valentine’s gifts are chocolates (top gift from women), flowers (top gift from men), jewelry, lingerie and dinner together (top choices are Italian and French restaurants). Bear that in mind while creating the offer.

You may team with a complementary partner like a chocolate store or a Italian restaurant and deliver a one-two sales punch.

Congrats! You just made life easier for the shopper who doesn’t want to shift through different emails to buy truffles and find a restaurant for the dinner.


One way to catch your readers’ attention is to tell a story.

For example, if you sell jewellery, tell a story behind symbolism of a particular precious stone that’s used, or share a story of how a piece is created. You can even share the meanings behind Valentine’s traditions or fun facts.

This way, you’ll draw your recipient in and will hopefully get them to react.


Encourage your customer to share their own love story, wedding photos or date ideas.

Share that on your social media and choose the winner (most likes, shares, comments) after the Valentine’s. It’s pretty simple, but effective way for both to connect with your audience and get more attention for your business.


Creating special offers not only for the couples, but show more attention to singles, maybe a great Valentine’s strategy. Offer gifts ideas for friends, family members and even for themselves.

  • 60% of Valentine’s Day shoppers buy something for family members
  • 25% buy gifts for friends
  • 13% buy gifts for co-workers
  • 15% of women send themselves flowers
  • 20% of buy something for the pets


People behave irrationally once they have to choose between discount and a bonus.

The most interesting example of the power of “free” comes from When they launched a “free shipping” promotion with the purchase of a second book every country except France showed a big jump in sales from the offer. The Amazon marketers investigated, thinking perhaps the French were rational enough not to be swayed into buying a second book. In fact, they found that in France the program had been slightly altered. Instead of zero shipping, the offer in France charged a one euro. From a pure economic standpoint, the two offers are almost indistinguishable. In actual performance, though, the one euro offer caused no sales increase. When the French offer was changed to FREE!, sales did indeed jump.

The same goes for the free gifts. Offer free movie, lip gloss, box chocolate or free wrapping of purchased products.

Not “Buy one pair of socks at regular price, get a second one for only one penny”.

Instead “Buy one pair of socks at regular price, get a second one for free”.


You may build an email sequence for Valentine’s Day.

Start with the reminder that Valentine’s is coming and that only …. days or hours are left. Then include ideas for the gifts and romantic dates with the stories around them. Finally, offer your product together with the free shipping, free wrapping or free box of chocolate.

After Valentine’s Day encourage subscribers to write back their stories. Maybe even through in a prize or some gift cards.

Create content around your customers’ stories (it can be an article, a video or an infographic), and post it on Pinterest, Facebook and, what the heck, release it even on Google+.

P.S. Need inspiration to create your Valentine’s newsletter? See our Pinterest board with the best Valentine’s email designs.