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State of the art of email marketing: email marketing for art galleries

State of the art of email marketing: email marketing for art galleries

Art galleries have a head start when it comes to a digital marketing. They offer a real product which often comes with a lot of interesting background information. When done right, email marketing for art galleries can be very fruitful.

There are many different types of artists and flavours of successful email marketing. Let’s take a look at the email best practices and some examples of email marketing for the arts.

Defining the ideal audience for your email marketing list

Before we get into the specifics of sending the right kind of emails and newsletters, it is very important to make sure you have the right people on your email marketing list. An email marketing list should ideally contain the opt-in email addresses of all the people you would like to reach.

For an art gallery the email marketing list includes:

  • Family, friends
  • Business contacts
  • Fans and frequent visitors
  • Clients and future clients or prospects
  • Art dealers, designers, artists and other art professionals.

This can be expanded by adding promotionally interesting target groups:

  • Influencers in the art scene, including bloggers and critics
  • (Local) news and magazine editors

Note that these subscribers are in the same categories of email marketing bands can profit from. Email marketing music is largely similar to that of art galleries because you are also dealing with fans, influencers and professionals (critics) as well. In music it might be an album release or signature single coming out. But you want the world to know.

The Art of easy list building

Building your email list is like investing into your future revenue. Every promotion, sale or exhibition opening will be so much more powerful when you let the right people know. With the right list of interested subscribers, email marketing is a shortcut to informing them about it. But you do need a clear opt-in permission before you can send your newsletter to your art loving recipients.

Easy list growth ideas for your gallery:

A powerful email list can easily be grown by adding a sign up form on your website and next to your digital portfolio / current exhibits. But why not make use of the other opportunities you already have to ask people for permission?

  • Ask people that visit your gallery to subscribe
  • Ask for permission when you are talking to dealers / prospects on the phone
  • Add a link to the subscription form in your email autograph
  • Make use of the network that the artist already has

…and for social minded galleries:

  • Highlighting the newsletter on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And if you have a graphical orientated art following Pinterest might be the social channel of choice.

Not every piece is for everybody, neither should your newsletter be

The NSW gallery doesn’t only ask for an email address, they have chosen to ask some additional preferences and information so that they can better target their recipients. A special newsletter is geared towards teachers and students, and very interesting is that they also segment based on interest. Not everyone loves Chinese art, but the ones that do might want to hear lots about it. Check the preview

Talking about Art gallery and museum email examples

You might be wondering what emails for art galleries, Museums and Artists would look like.
The most frequently used type of email is a newsletter. Sent every month and informing about special exhibitions or presentations. But there is a lot more possible:

  • Email press releases to media contacts
  • Take membership or “friend of our gallery” applications
  • Call for volunteer opportunities
  • Inform about exhibit openings or present a calendar
  • Show reviews and artist background information
  • You could even do a contest or “meet and greets” with the artists
  • Next to information, showcase articles from gift shop / webshop that are for sale.

Images are Important to Inspire

One thing that shouldn’t be forgotten, especially in the Arts, is the power of images. Luckily it is pretty easy to craft a recognizable gallery email with your colors, logo, design and fonts though templates. These contain a standard design you can easily reuse.

Images convey emotion and can be much more persuasive than just text. A detailed shot of the artist, canvas, rehearsal, album cover. Those are elements that do grab attention.

Juicy pictures of food make you hungry. So it pay for restaurants to use them in their email marketing. For art galleries it also pays to give some extra attention when it comes to images. An added tip, because art can be “pretty confusing” and unrecognizable, make sure it is as clear as possible what the image is. If it isn’t self-explanatory, you can always use a caption.

Some of the examples from MailerLite customers:

State of the art email marketing

When done right, email marketing can be very fruitful for art galleries. And it is very easy to start with your own newsletter today!