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Ignas2 min readNew Features & UpdatesDecember 7, 2015

UI improvements, Subscriber Table update and Click Map in our latest release

UI improvements, Subscriber Table update and Click Map in our latest release

In November we worked on improving MailerLite user interface and implemented several popular requests from users. One important update is the new subscriber list table, which lets you control the fields you want to see. Another is long waited Click Maps, that will give you a better understanding on where your subscribers click.

UI improvements

The biggest change that you’ll notice first – we removed the navigation sidebar. Now the main navigation links are on the top. The sidebar used too much space. So instead, we decided to give more space for the content, including campaign and subscriber lists.

Moreover, the new UI has better support for mobile devices. You can login to your MailerLite on your smartphone and check campaign reports or add subscribers.

Updated Subscriber Table

We received many requests to show more data in subscriber table. However, for a long time we didn’t have a solution, because everyone wanted different fields to be displayed in the list. Finally, we came up with this simple feature that lets you toggle columns and choose what you want to see.

You can set different columns for each of your lists. Moreover, you can even drag columns to change their order. Working with subscriber lists is easy now.

Click Map in Reports

In your campaign reports you can now see where exactly people are clicking in your email campaigns. Go to sent campaign report and select “View Email” to see the Click Map.

Click Map provides a visual overview of how each link performed in your campaign compared to other links.

It’s a great tool to see which call to action elements work best in your campaigns and what needs to be improved.

Important notice:

Click Map feature will be available only for new campaigns that you send starting today.

We hope you like the updates. Let us know if you find a bug or have ideas how to make MailerLite even better.