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Email Segmentation Without User Data

Email Segmentation Without User Data

Do you want to increase your conversions from email marketing?

Sure. We all do!

Do you know what is the most popular advice for that?


Email marketing experts say that segmentation is the most effective, yet the most overlooked strategy in email marketing.

Do you know why it is overlooked?

Easy. Most companies DO NOT HAVE SEGMENTS for their email list.

Let’s face it – it’s hard to collect data about your customers hobbies, family status, even gender. Unless you have whole marketing department in your company.

But here’s a solution. You don’t have to have any user data, to use segmentation.

Segment your emails by the subject lines and content

For example, if you have a weekly newsletter, you could dedicate every week for a different target audience by making special subject line and choosing the right content.

Here are a few examples of segmentation by subject line:

  • Can’t Think of What to Get Her?
  • Gift Yourself Lingerie for Valentine’s Day: Our Top Picks
  • Spicy Valentine’s Recipes For Your Valentine’s Party With Friends
  • Express Love for Your Beloved Pet

Most probably no one will open all 4 emails. Everyone will choose the one that suits him/her. Be as specific as you can.

This way you will reduce your open rates, BUT your open reach for the month (if you send 1 email per week) will be much bigger than sending ‘offers for everyone’ each week.

‘If someone receives 10 emails they are more likely to open 1 than someone who received only 1.’ Tweet this!

Try the strategy and let me know how it works.

P.S. Wonder what is open reach? It is new email marketing metric introduced by Dela Quist, CEO of Alchemy Worx. Read the post about it.