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Ignas3 min readNew features & updatesJune 20, 2017

Link Trigger in Automation

Link Trigger in Automation

MailerLite has a new Automation rule – Link Trigger.

A Link Trigger is exactly what it sounds like: someone clicks a link in any of your emails and it triggers an automation workflow.

How to set up a Link Trigger

  1. Go to Automation and start creating a new workflow.
  2. Select “When subscriber clicks a link” as a trigger.
  3. Enter the link URL you want to track.

Now if you add the exact same link in any of your emails (including campaigns, automation workflows or even confirmations) and a subscriber clicks it, the workflow will start.

Tip: use URL parameters for better tracking

If you use Google UTM tags, you already know how additional URL parameters or query strings work. It’s the same with the Link Trigger.

You can make different Link Triggers based on the same destination link using additional URL parameters.


So if you include www.mywebsite.com in your emails – nothing will happen. The URL has to be the exact match of what is set in the Link Trigger.

Link Trigger use case examples

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Okay, this is cool but how can I use it?”

Here are a few quick ideas of how you can start using Link Triggers:

  1. A subscriber clicks a link in your weekly newsletter to be notified of an upcoming webinar. Automation saves the subscriber to a group “Notify about Webinar”. A few days before the webinar, you send him/her a reminder.
  2. You launch a free email course that sends 1 lesson per day for 6 days. You want to invite your newsletter subscribers to join the course. So you just send them an email with a link “Join free email course”. When they click, they are saved to a group “Free email course” and start getting the new email sequence. No need to fill in any forms to sign up.
  3. You send an article about copywriting in your newsletter. Subscribers who click on the article are most probably interested in copywriting. Add them to a group called “Copywriters” and start sending more relevant emails and content to them.
  4. Ask subscribers to “self segment” based on interests. For example, send an email with three categories of topics. When they click a link, update their custom field “Interest”.

How are you going to use the new Link Trigger?