2 min readNew features & updatesFebruary 9, 2017

Opens by Location in Campaign Reports

Opens by Location in Campaign Reports

We are excited to introduce Opens by Location to help you understand where your subscribers are located and which countries have the highest engagement with your campaigns.

How do Opens by Location work?

After your campaign was opened, we collect data from the subscribers email application and grab the IP address. The IP address is then used to determine the location of the email.

To access the Opens by Location navigate to your reports page. Once you’re in, you will notice a detailed world map which shows you the top performing countries. Hovering over the country will give you an interactive bubble. In it you will see more information about your campaign as well as the country you are hovering over. We also included a handy list of top 10 best-performing countries to your right.

How accurate is Opens by Location data?

Because we use the IP address to determine the country, the data is pretty accurate. If we fail to get the IP address, we will default to the IP address of the email client itself.

Future improvements

Opens by Location in Campaign Reports is just the beginning. Next, you will have Open Location as a field in every subscriber details. After you send a campaign and subscriber opens it, you will know his location and will be able to use the data in your future campaigns. It opens new opportunities to tailor your campaigns to timezones, cultures, languages and more.

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