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Ilma2 min readTips & ResourcesOctober 15, 2013

Personalized Newsletter. It All Starts with You!

Personalized Newsletter. It All Starts with You!

We all hear about email personalization: use customer names, send birthday greetings, segment emails etc etc.

But… We sometimes forget about the most important thing. It all starts with you!

TIP #1. Include Your Personal Email

Don’t use no-reply email!

Use your own email. Encourage people reply, comment and say why they love/hate your product or service. This way you will get the best feedback. You get to know what your customer wants, worries about and how you would help.

TIP #2. Use Gravatar

Have you noticed that some people have their pictures “attached” next to their emails? That’s a gravatar!

Gravatar is a small photo or picture, which visualizes its owner. It is one of the easiest ways to brand yourself or your company all across the Internet.

This is how you will stand out and won’t be a faceless person like most of the email senders. Sender images are shown in Sparrow, Postbox, Airmail, Inky and in the other modern email clients.

Go to, sign in and upload your photo or your company logo. It will be linked to your email address. Your gravatar will appear when you send email, write comments, guest post or write in forums (if your use the same email). Thus, you will always brand your company.

TIP #3. Introduce Yourself

Why don’t you write your name, add your photo and maybe some words about yourself?

Have you noticed that we know the people that stand behind the biggest companies?

Microsoft and Bill Gates

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg

Ikea and Ingvar Kamprad

Tesla and Elon Musk

PEOPLE NEED PEOPLE. We connect with people and then with their companies and products.