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Pop-up settings

In this video, you will learn how to change your pop-up settings.

To access your pop-up settings, go to Forms.

Here, you will see a list of your pop-ups, where you can:

  • Activate a pop-up.

  • See a preview of your pop-up.

  • Select the grey Edit button to change the design of your pop-up in the builder.

  • Select the dropdown arrow next to the Edit button to rename, duplicate or delete the pop-up.

  • See the stats for each pop-up, including the number of subscribers, the number of pop-ups and the conversion rate.

In the right corner, you can Sort by:

  • Date created

  • Name

  • Subscribers

  • Visitors

  • Conversion

  • Last registration

Select the arrow next to the Sort by button, if you would like to reverse the order of the list.

To access the detailed settings, click the title of the pop-up.

Alternatively, select Forms, create a new pop-up, and you can access the settings there.

Behavior settings

In the Mode section, can choose when you want to show the pop-up. This includes the number of seconds before it pops up, or the percentage of the page the user has read through before it pops up. You can also choose whether to show the pop-up before the user closes the page.

In the Frequency section, you can choose to show the pop-up again after a certain number of months, if they didn't subscribe the first time.

In the Schedule section, you can set the timing of your pop-up in advance. You can either select None, meaning that the pop-up will activate immediately, or Specific time, which allows you to select a start and end time.

In the Visibility section, you select which pages and/or devices will show the pop-up. You can choose to always show it, hide it on specific pages, or only show it on specific pages. If you select the latter, make sure you turn off any other existing pop-ups on this page, to avoid a double pop-up! You can also choose to hide the pop-up on desktop, mobile and/or tablet devices.

Install tracker

Here you can find the code for the pop-up which you will need to put onto your website. This can be copy/pasted into your CMS, inserted through a plug-in for Wordpress, or via the MailerLite app with Shopify. Otherwise, contact your CMS provider to get help with posting the pop-up code into your website. You only have to do this once.


In this tab, you can see an overview of your pop-up’s settings. You can:

  • Activate/deactivate the pop-up.

  • Turn double opt-in on/off.

  • Preview the design.

  • See the Behavior tab.

  • Change the subscriber groups.

  • View and copy the tracking code.

  • If you would like to see where people clicked on the pop-up, you will also need to copy the code from the Show pop-up on click event tab.

Next to the pop-up title, you can click the grey icon to edit, rename, duplicate or delete the pop-up.


Here, you can see:

  • Subscribers collected

  • Visitors

  • Conversion rate

  • Daily stats graph

  • Subscribers list (this can be exported to a CSV file).


In this tab, you can create a workflow for your pop-up. Take a look at this video tutorial to find out more about automation workflows.

Double opt-in email

In the Double opt-in email tab, you can change the subject line, the sender and the email itself in the design builder. Check out our blog article on how to create effective opt-ins that still work under GDPR.

Double opt-in Thank you page

Here you can edit the page that your subscribers will see once they have clicked through the double opt-in email. Alternatively, you can insert your landing page URL to direct them there.

Check out this article to find out how MailerLite pop-ups just got way more exciting, or follow this video tutorial to learn how to use our pop-up form builder.

You can also read this knowledge base article on how to create a pop-up form.