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Pop-up form builder

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn all about how to use our pop-up builder.

To access your pop-up builder, head to your dashboard and click on Forms.

Head to the Pop-ups area. If you already have some pop-ups ready, you will see them listed here. You can edit these by clicking the grey bar labeled Edit, next to each pop-up.

If you would like to create a new pop-up, click the orange Create pop-up button in the top right hand corner.

Give your pop-up a name, then click Save and continue.

Select the group where you would like to send new subscribers, after they have clicked on the pop-up. Then click Save and continue.

On the next page, you will see a list of templates for your pop-up. You can filter this list by featured, fullscreen, sidebox and half-screen pop-ups.

Select a template for your pop-up. When you hover over each template, you have the option to see a Preview, or Select it as your pop-up. You will be able to edit the template in the builder.

In the builder, you will see a preview of your pop-up, with a list of editing tools in the right-hand panel:

  • Form type allows you to change where the pop-up appears. It could be full-screen, bottom-right corner, sidebar, at the bottom or in the centre of the page.

  • If you select Additional settings, you can reposition the pop-up even further. For example, you could switch between top/bottom, or left/right, or select the sidebar alignment.

Under Design settings:

  • To change the width of the pop-up, use the slide bar beneath the Width tab.

  • To change the size of an image, select the arrow in the bottom-right corner and move it inwards or outwards to re-size it.

  • In the Background tab, you can change background colour, image and radius on both the form and the sidebar. When you are happy with your edits, click Save.

  • In the Content elements, you can change the text fonts, colours, sizes, styles and letter spacing. Remember to click Save when you have finished.

  • If you would like to change the text, click directly into the text boxes and type in your changes. If you would like to edit a particular section of text, simply highlight it and use the editing bar above to change elements such as color, style, alignment or format. You can also insert a link, create a list, or add HTML as needed.

  • If you no longer like what you created, simply click on the Undo icon at the top right hand corner of the page. Here, you can view your editing history and undo any changes. If you have saved this pop-up by clicking Next, you will also be able to see the version history and restore previous versions.

  • Select Preview at the top of your page to see a preview version of your pop-up. You can see both the desktop and mobile versions here.

  • Click on Success at the top of your page to see what message your subscribers will receive once they have clicked through the CTA on your pop-up. You can also edit this message, using the editing panel on the right. If you would like to add additional blocks to your message, click on the symbol when you hover over a text box. You can add blocks such as dividers, countdowns or images.Remember to click Save once you’re done.

  • Back on the pop-up page, under Signup form settings, you can insert a privacy policy, a confirmation checkbox, a hidden segmentation field, marketing permissions fields, interest groups or reCAPTCHA settings.

At the top of the editing panel, select Blocks.

  • Here, you can drag and drop blocks such as text, images, social links, countdowns and dividers. Using the drag and drop function, you can position these blocks wherever you like. Additional settings for each of these blocks can be accessed by selecting the pen icon above each block.

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