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Our website builder just got a bunch of new features: Here’s the lowdown👇

Migle Navickaite Migle Navickaite
· 15 min read · Websites and forms · Jan 5, 2023
Cesar (Customer Support) and Sthefani (People & Culture)

Email and websites are a marketing match made in heaven. That’s why at MailerLite we offer a ton of website and landing page-building features alongside our email marketing toolkit. 

These tools were already an easy way to build beautiful websites and pages. But we’ve been working hard on improving them and today we’re excited to introduce 11 brand-new features to help you bring your projects to life.

You can now access:

  • Column blocks to extend your website design possibilities

  • Website search to make finding content a breeze

  • Blog post content table and anchor links to help users navigate your most in-depth articles

  • Animations to engage visitors as they scroll

  • Product blocks to help you make sales and grow your business

Plus plenty more goodies to help you create beautiful websites. Read on to find out more!

Learn by doing!

We’ve included easy-to-follow instructions for how to use all the features mentioned in this article. MailerLite customers can easily follow along by heading to the Sites section of your dashboard and creating a new website or landing page. 

Don’t have a MailerLite account? You can test out these features by signing up for a free trial. Click here to get started.

Landing page columns - MailerLite
How to set up columns in MailerLite

Our new column feature gives you way more flexibility when creating page layouts with our website builder. Use it to split the page canvas into two or three columns and add other content blocks to each one.  

Use for: Building complex designs that look great on desktop displays and automatically stack vertically on mobile

Get started:
  1. Open the website or landing page builder

  2. Drag the 2 columns block or the 3 columns block into position

  3. Drag the blocks you want to use into either column

MailerLite's website search feature
Our new website search feature

Make it easy for people to find content on your website with our new website header search icon. Visitors click on the icon to access the search tool, and results appear below the bar in real time as they type. Visitors can simply click on the result to head to the page they need. 

Use it for: Making your content easy to find—essential for large websites with multiple pages 

Get started:
  1. Click on the edit header button within the website editor 

  2. Click on Settings and toggle the Enable search function on your website to on

  3. Hit Save

Anchor links feature in MailerLite
The anchor block in the MailerLite blog post editor

Anchor links are a website navigation feature that lets visitors jump to predefined web page locations. We already offer anchor links in our website builder, and you can now access them in our blog post editor too. Use them to link to your page from contents, images, or button blocks.

Use it for: Allow readers to skip to the content that catches their eye or direct them to CTAs and offers

Get started:
  1. Click the + symbol in the blog editor and choose Anchor

  2. Name the anchor to make it easy to find in the next step

  3. Add a table of contents, image, or button block

  4. In the block settings, open the Link drop-down menu and choose Anchor

  5. Select the anchor you want to link to

You’ll first need to set up a blog on your MailerLite website. Follow the steps in this article to find out how to create a blog. 

Content table block - MailerLite
An example content table block

A primary use case for blog post anchor links is the ability to add a table of contents to your post. Add a content table block to the top of your blog post so readers can skip to the section that interests them most. With this tool, even complex guides become easy to navigate.

Use for: Add to the top of your blog posts to help readers skip to the section they want to read

Get started:
  1. Add anchors above each section of your blog post

  2. Click the + symbol in the blog editor and choose Content table

  3. Add sections to the content table

  4. Edit the title and then choose the relevant anchor

  5. Edit design settings such as spacing, dividers, and whether to show content in a card

E-commerce product block - MailerLite
The e-commerce product block

Promote products on a landing page or website with our e-commerce product block. The block connects to your Shopify, WooCommerce or Prestashop store and imports the image, price, and description of your chosen product. The block links to your store, where customers can complete the buying process.

Use for: Promote products from your online store on your MailerLite landing pages.

Get started:
  1. Add the Products block to your website or landing page

  1. Choose which product to display

  2. Edit the information where necessary

This block is only visible on accounts with connected ecommerce stores. Learn more about our e-commerce integrations for Shopify, WooCommerce and PrestaShop.

Analytics reset feature - MailerLite
The MailerLite analytics dashboard

Testing your new website is an essential part of the design process. But metrics from this period can hurt your ability to see how your site performs with real customers. With this in mind, you can now reset the web analytics data of any form, pop-up, landing page, or website to get a more accurate view of its performance.

Use for: Reset your website data before you launch to accurately track your website KPIs

Get started:

Once you finish the below steps, you won’t be able to restore your statistics.

  1. Head to the Forms section of your dashboard

  2. Hit the Overview button on the form you want to reset

  3. Head to the Analytics tab, then hit the Reset analytics button

Icon library in MailerLite
The icon library in MailerLite

Our new icon library allows you to add icons to your website in any place where you can add an image. You get access to a huge array of icons on almost any topic, and you can easily import them into your file manager for repeated use.

Use for: Increase readability, highlight elements, and help people understand website content at a glance

Get started:
  1. Choose the Image block or a content block that includes an image

  2. Head to the image settings and hit Browse

  3. Hit the arrow next to Upload image, click Iconfinder, and then search for an icon

  4. Select the one you want to use and hit Import to add the icon to your file manager

  5. Hit Insert to add the icon to your page

FAQ accordian block - MailerLite
An example FAQ accordian block

FAQs provide crucial answers, but they can take up a lot of space on a page. Our new FAQ accordion block solves this problem by allowing you to display questions that visitors can click on to expand the block and see the answer.

Use for: Address sales objections and improve the user experience. Using structured data like FAQs can also make your site more SEO friendly, which can result in more web traffic.

Click here for more beginner SEO tips to generate traffic from Google

Get started:
  1. Drag the Accordion block to the relevant position in your page

  2. Use the Tabs section to add and edit FAQs

  3. Add a title, subtitle, text, and a button

  4. Decide whether to keep the first tab open or closed and whether to show spacing between tabs

Animations example - MailerLite
An example of animations on a page

Animations is a new design feature that adds movement to content blocks that occurs as you scroll. This helps engage website visitors and gives your site a professional look and feel. Choose from either fade, flip up or zoom in animations to add something special to your pages. 

Use for: Add extra sparkle to your website and help it stand out. 

For more about creating websites that shine, check out our article on web design best practices

Get started:
  1. Open the website or landing page builder and head to page settings

  2. Click on the animations drop-down menu and choose your favored option

  3. Click on Preview to see your chosen animations in action

Image without padding - MailerLite
Two images without any padding separating them

We’ve updated image spacing so you can now add images without padding to your page. You can remove all white space from around the image and place it directly above or below other elements in your page builder. 

Use for: Showcasing your best photos in an impressive gallery. Or split long images into several shorter images to reduce file size and improve load times. 

Get started:
  1. Choose the Image block from the block library

  2. Open the image settings

  3. Adjust the slider so that top spacing and/or bottom spacing is set to zero

After completing the above steps, you’ll still see spacing when viewing your site in the page builder. But the white space will disappear when you view the preview or publish your page.

App store buttons - MailerLite
The app store icons block

Our final new landing page feature is app store buttons. These let you quickly add links to your app on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store using icons that your readers are already familiar with. 

Use for: Promoting your app and sending it to the top of the app store listings!

Get started:
  1. Drag the Applications block into position in the website builder

  2. Open up the edit settings and add links to the relevant app stores

  3. Configure alignment, spacing, width and background settings

Be sure to check out the MailerLite mobile apps. Use our email marketing iPhone app to manage your campaigns on the go and our iPad forms app to collect email subscribers offline.

These latest releases are the website builder-related features we’ve worked on over the last few months. But we aren’t about to stop, and you’ll notice more new features over the coming year.

We’ve also recently released plenty of features related to our email marketing and forms toolkits, including forms A/B testing, an easier way to resend campaigns to new subscribers, and the ability to edit links in sent campaigns

Keep up with all our latest updates via our what’s new page.

Build a website to test these features

Anyone with a MailerLite account can test these features within our website builder. Just head to the sites section of our dashboard and choose to build a website or a landing page. Hit the button below to get started.

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Migle Navickaite
Migle Navickaite
Hi, my name is Migle, which is a very hard Lithuanian name to pronounce. Let's just say I have way too many nicknames to count. As a Product Manager, I am obsessed with planning and organizing. I love that feeling of taming the dragon of chaos. Especially when that chaos turns into a new product feature that helps you succeed!