Silvestras2 min readNew Features & UpdatesFebruary 2, 2016

Introducing RSS feed feature

Introducing RSS feed feature

Great news for all bloggers! Our Drag & drop editor has been upgraded with the cool new RSS feed block!

By using the new RSS items block you can now add, edit and email your blog posts in your newsletter. In addition, there’s a new template designed exclusively for RSS feed.

RSS item block in Drag & Drop editor

We have created a new block called RSS items where you can automatically include your recent blog posts and send them to your subscribers.

Simply drag in the new block into your newsletter. You will see the editor where an URL of your blog feed must be provided. All WordPress based blogs by default have a link If yours is different, the easiest way to find blog feed URL is to view source code of your blog and search for “RSS”.

Enter the URL and click the green arrow button. By default, 3 latest posts will be loaded, but you can select as many as you want to.

In the Settings tab you can select what content will be shown in the block – excerpts, titles or full content. You can also select how much information you want to be displayed, such as category, publish date and author. As with any other block, style is fully customizable.

New Template for RSS feed

For those of you who want to send exclusively RSS feed – we have launched a new template. It’s called Blog Updates and can be found among others in Template Gallery.

In this template you will see the main RSS block with options of content feed and information that you choose to provide. Additionally, you will be able to add default blocks as Title, Text or Image.

Finally, you can find a Signature block which is great to use for personal newsletters.

RSS-to-email automation

If you run a blog, you will be able to have automatic email from your RSS feed and save your time. We are already developing automatic RSS-to-email feed feature which will be launched in February.

It will work in a similar way as an Autoresponder – simply publish your content and it will be sent to your subscribers automatically.

Stay tuned!