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Using our Countdown timer effectively

Using our Countdown timer effectively

We are happy to introduce you to a new Countdown block in our Drag & Drop editor.

A countdown timer is very good for creating a sense of urgency. Eventually, it helps to speed up the performance of sales promotions or event registrations.

Let’s take a look at how it works and the positive effects it can have on your campaign.

How it works

Basically, it’s a GIF image that counts down to a specific date and time.

Countdown in emails is compatible across all platforms. However, in some versions of Microsoft Outlook, a subscriber will see a static image of the timer which will change after refreshing the page.

Adding it to your campaign

adding countdown timer to campaign

To add the Countdown block, create a new campaign and choose “Drag & Drop” editor or open a saved campaign designed with this editor.

Simply drag the block onto your newsletter and click on it. You will see the editing options on your right hand side.

In the Content tab, select your preferred date and time. The timer will automatically start to count down the time to your selected date.

In the Settings tab you can select a styling for your block, switch the countdown labels on or off, and change the general block settings.

Note: The Countdown block is also available in our Landing Page editor.

Benefits and application

A well-designed countdown timer in a combination with a smart CTA increases urgency, boosts subscriber engagement and encourages sales.

Dates and time zones can be confusing and require focus, while Countdown timers are clear to understand at a single glance.

There are many creative ways you could use a timer.

Event or webinar

Countdown timers can be used to create curiosity, anticipation, and excitement among the participants of your event or product launch.

countdown timer for event or webinar

Limited period live promotion

Offers and discounts are normally for a limited period. Send reminder emails backed up with a countdown timer to inform your readers about decreasing time available to take advantage of the offer.

countdown timer for limited period live promotion

What new blocks do you want to see in our Drag & Drop editor?