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Abandoned cart emails for Shopify and WooCommerce are live!

Gediminas Andrijaitis Gediminas Andrijaitis
· 9 min read · E-commerce,Updates · May 21, 2019

It’s time to win back all those customers who abandoned their shopping cart!

We are happy to introduce the Abandoned Cart Email feature for both the Shopify and WooCommerce integrations.

If you run an e-commerce site, you already know that cart abandonment happens way too often. There is an enormous opportunity to win back some of that revenue by sending shoppers a follow-up email that brings them back to seal the deal.

Now when a customer leaves before finalizing their purchase, you can trigger emails automatically to reengage them. These types of emails can win back 12-15% of your shoppers!

Are you ready to seize the opportunity and save that sale?

How to create abandoned cart emails in MailerLite

The feature is now available for everyone who uses MailerLite’s Shopify or WooCommerce e-commerce integrations. If you are using WooCommerce, please make sure that you are using the newest plugin version.

Learn more about the recent Shopify updates
Learn more about the WooCommerce plugin

If your integration is already up and running, it’s time to set up your abandoned cart emails.

We’ll show you how to:

  1. Create workflows

  2. Design your emails

  3. Set up actions / conditions

  4. Monitor your campaigns

After you're done with the setup, we'll show you some abandoned cart email examples to get you started.

1. Create an automation workflow

Go to Automation and create a new workflow. Choose E-commerce Automation and select the Abandoned checkout trigger from the dropdown menu.

Once the trigger is selected, you can then choose when to trigger the workflow. We recommend you set the workflow to start at least 2 hours after the cart is abandoned.

Automation workflow screenshot

When your trigger is ready, you can start building out your automation workflow.

Workflow automation trigger

Special note: To make sure your customers don't receive redundant emails, disable any other abandoned cart emails created outside of MailerLite.

2. Design your abandoned cart email

You will use the drag & drop builder to design your abandoned cart emails.

For your convenience, we prepared dedicated email templates in the Template Gallery within the E-commerce Series category.

Abandoned cart email templates

You can choose the template or build the email from scratch. Of course, you can also use your own template.

Emails created using this trigger have a special content block called Cart. This block displays the abandoned cart details in your email.

Abandoned cart content blocks

3. Create automation sequences

Once your email design is ready, you have the option to create a fully automated email series that includes additional steps.

Like our normal automation workflows, you can create an abandoned cart email series that has multiple steps. Feel free to insert more DELAY and EMAIL steps to build a proper workflow.

You can also CONDITION steps to check the activity of the previous email and decide what to do next.

When your workflow has more than one step, the system checks the status of the cart before each step in the workflow sequence. So don’t worry, your subscribers won’t get a recovery email if the cart was already recovered.

Automated abandoned cart workflow

4. Monitor the status of abandoned cart workflow

When a shopper triggers an abandoned cart workflow, you can track the status of the cart in our Automation Activity.

Note that you can only send abandoned cart emails to customers that entered their email address before they abandoned the checkout and only to shoppers who are on your MailerLite subscriber list. Unsubscribed subscribers won't be triggered.

Your dashboard shows you the shoppers that are still in the abandoned cart sequence. They either fall under the Queued or Completed status.


Queued abandoned cart flow
  • Subscriber - Subscriber who triggered email;

  • Next step - The next email to be sent (i.e. Abandoned cart message);

  • Date/Time - Time when the next step will be initiated.


Completed abandoned cart flow
  • Subscriber - Subscriber who triggered email;

  • Order - Order with a link to the Shopify / WooCommerce order page;

  • Recovery status - Recovered / Not recovered;

  • Workflow status - Completed / Not completed;

  • Date/Time - Time when subscriber completed the sequence.

Since your workflow might have more than one step, we check the status of the cart before each step in the workflow sequence. Don’t worry, your subscribers won’t get a recovery email if the cart was already recovered.

If the order is recovered (shopper bought your product), the subscriber will appear under the status Completed. No further steps in the workflow are triggered. The Recovery status then gets the value Recovered.

If the user completed the order in the middle of the sequence, the Workflow status is Not completed.

If the user completes the sequence and the order wasn’t recovered, the Workflow status is Completed. The Recovery status is marked as Not recovered.

Abandoned cart email examples

If you want to win back shoppers, you’ll have to do more than just send an email asking them to come back. Adding a personal touch that provides extra value will greatly improve your chances.

Here are 3 examples you can try with MailerLite:

Example 1: Give a discount

Price and shipping costs are two of the main factors why people abandon their carts. If you want to entice shoppers to make the purchase, try offering a coupon or free shipping. You can highlight the products from the shopper’s abandoned cart and seal the deal with a special offer.

Newsletter abandoned cart offer

Example 2: Recommend best-selling products

Remind the shopper that they visited your store by sending them an email that highlights your best-selling products. If you have a lot of products in your store, curating the best ones for your shoppers is an effective way to entice them back to the store to see what else you have to offer.

Best-selling products newsletter

Example 3: Use customer reviews

Do you let your customers review their shopping experience? If you are a smaller website, start building trust with newer customers by including other customers’ reviews within your newsletter.

Include testimonials about your return policies, the quality of your products and on-time shipping. Put yourself in the shopper’s shoes and address any concerns they might have when shopping at a new store.

Customer reviews in emails

Keep improving your products and services

One last thing you can do to gain insight into WHY people abandon their carts is to include an embedded survey in your win-back emails. If they are not happy or there was a check-out issue, this is your opportunity to find out and fix it.

At MailerLite, we are always looking to improve our product and service. A big chunk of our customers have been asking for the abandoned cart feature, which is why we are so happy it’s finally here!

Give it a try and let us know how the feature works for you. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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