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Email marketing for personal trainers & sport clubs

Email marketing for personal trainers & sport clubs

How to motivate your clients to maintain exercise routine at your fitness facility

This blog post is a step by step guide on how to create a killer email marketing plan to build community of loyal customers that continuously bring business through your doors.

But first let’s discuss the issue that every gym, running club, yoga studio, fitness facility face, the lack of motivation.

The lack of motivation

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. (Zig Ziglar)

Busy work schedule, crazy family life, vacations, trips, holidays, winter colds to name only a few reasons that interupts most determined fitness routines. When motivation is running low, there are numerous reasons to stop an exercise regime. I know it. I’ve done it myself on many occassions.

Your facility members want to get fit but most of them have hard time maintaining motivation day in and day out, week after week and month after month. It is a tough task. Athletes aren’t made in a day, but they have a vision and long term goal. That is what your clients need too – a vision, a long term goal, and confidense that they can reach it.

Imagine if you are the one to show them what they can become and what goals to set. Imagine if you can be the one to inspire their confidense and hold their hand on their journey. Imagine how engaged and attached, grateful and engaged customers would become!

Make customer’s motivation your goal

Your task is to inspire the vision, create incentives and encorouge consistency through out the year. Summer vacations, winter holidays and special occassions seems to be the time that your customers need you to remind them about their goals.

Keep your eye and deliver on their needs and you will grow a loyal gym membership base. As you know, loyal customers bring new business. Consider it as a gift for all the effort you put in.

So how do you make it easy on yourself and get maximum results?

Email marketing is the best tool

Email Marketing creates great value for for fitness facilities, gyms, personal training, pilates and yoga studios. Email marketing is affordable and ROI (return on investment) is one of the best in digital marketing. Easy to manage, mobile friendly, and builds long term relationships with customers. Everything you need to get your motivational program running and business booming.

Get started: build email list all the time

#1. Collect email addresses in person

Ask your front desk staff to collect email addresses from new and existing clients. To build trust and anticipation share with customers that on weekly (more or less) basis they will receive free tips about health and fitness, motivational material, information about club, fitness challenges and discounts.

#2. Include sign-up forms on your website

Sign-up form or webform is the best and easiest way to grow your list organically.

Have a VISIBLE and short sign-up form in different locations of your website: top of sidebar, after every blog post, in the footer of your website and in your About Page.

Let people know what they will get if they sign up (invitations to receptions, behind scenes, special offers).

Read more how to create and optimise your sign-up form

Use newsletter to motivate your customer to never quit

Consistency works wonders

With fitness and email marketing you need a clear goal and consistency if you want to achieve anything. Direct all you efforts to keep your customers motivated. Every time you create a newsletter, ask yourself the same question: “Does it motivate my customers?” If answer is “yes”, you’re good to go. If answer is “no”, then put some more work into it?

Prepare in advance

Send newsletters at least once a month. Better – once a week. Email marketing is more a TV series than a stand-alone movie.

It’s really easy to do it if you prepare material for your newsletters in advance.

What to send

1. Useful tips

Give out free tips how to perform exercises properly, how to recover after the workout, suggestions about nutrition, and so on.

People love free advice. But there will always be those who want personal trainer and an individual plan.

2. Video is great

Video in newsletters is a great strategy to use, especially in fitness marketing campaigns. The same way that video is a great medium for sports. Just look how popular are sport channels on Youtube.

At first it may seem daunting to make a video but it’s easy to learn how to do it well enough. Start by filming few exercises, injury prevention tips or your own workout and you’ll get it right in a few attempts.

3. Set goals and competitions

Propose to your customers fitness goals and ways to track progress. Seeing results will motivate them to continue with their resolutions.

Create friendly competitions or challenges and encourage people to participate. Establish some small or symbolic awards to spark an excitement and boost motivation.

4. Show your happy customer

People can relate to images easier than any other medium. Especially human faces. Show happy customers that would encourage trust and motivation in your services. If you could also add their testimonials, you will see magic happen.

5. Get your customers involved

Ask them to answer your newsletters. Invite them to share their own tips, stories, and strategies. Request them to do before and after photos. Encourage live discussions that will bind them to your club even more. Maybe create some free live seminars. Be creative!

6. Send digest

If you lack recourses you can always send a newsletter with links to interesting articles about health, fitness, nutrition, and motivation, habits, video tips.

7. Sales and offers

You can always add an offer to your motivational newsletter. Inform about better prices for loyal customers, or referral programs. Encourage them to purchase a personal program or hire a personal trainer. However you need to ensure that motivational part of a newsletter is always bigger than the promotional. Stay true to your goal!

Final Tips for Your Newsletter Campaign

Add Social Media Buttons

Combine your email marketing and social network marketing. You create useful content to your customers so help them (and encourage them) to share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.


Email marketing is much easier than exercise but it still needs time. Especially when you are doing it yourself, and not spending big bucks. Be patient, stay focused, trust the process and results will follow.

P. S.

Add a P.S. – using a p.s. has been a staple of top print copywriting techniques for decades. Adding a p.s. is a proven way to get more clicks on your email marketing campaigns. Make it relevant, mindful and always include a call to action link.

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