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Abandoned cart emails

Want to send a reminder to website visitors that left something in their shopping cart on your website? With our abandoned cart feature, you can!

To create an abandoned cart email, click on Automation and click Create a new workflow. Give it a name and click on E-commerce automation. If you don't see this tab, you probably don't have the WooCommerce or Shopify integration turned on. Then select Abandoned checkout from the dropdown menu. We advise you to only use this workflow 3 hours after someone left a product in their cart.

Now you can click the plus icon and create a new email. Give your email a name and design the email as you're used to.

You can use the e-commerce template gallery so you don't need to start your email from scratch. We already prepared a couple abandoned cart email templates for you.

If you do want to start from scratch, you can drag the Abandoned cart block anywhere in your email. Once you click on the block, you can change the layout, images, amount of products and button.

Once you're with the design, click Done editing.

Now you've returned to the workflow. From here you can build your email sequence further.

For example, you can add a delay and a condition for whether the email was opened or not. If the email wasn't opened, you can send another email offering a discount (for example). You can add another delay and then send another email with the abandoned cart reminder. It's totally up to you how long you want the email sequence to be!

Don't forget to activate the workflow activity when you're done with all the emails.

Under the Activity tab you can track the activity once people start using the abandoned cart emails. You can see who's in the queue (waiting to make a decision) and who cancelled. In the E-commerce tab you can see the orders and conversions.

Note: You need to have the email address of the subscriber in your MailerLite system, otherwise the person can't receive any emails from MailerLite.

To learn more, check out this article which explains how to create an abandoned cart email automation.

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