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Build automated emails quickly with expertly-designed templates

Migle Navickaite Migle Navickaite
· 13 min read · Automation,Updates · Jan 26, 2023
Tadas, Migle and John from the development team.

Ever heard of a pin boy? Unless you went bowling in the early 1900s, the answer is probably not. Let me explain…

Reconfiguring bowling pins was a tedious task that was replaced in the 1940s with a simple solution—the pinsetter—which was faster, easy to operate, and made the bowling experience more consistent and enjoyable.

MailerLite’s new email automation templates are the pinsetter of automated email sequences. Instead of building an automation piece by piece, you now have the entire workflow ready to go.

For those of you who currently use email automation, you’ll save tons of time creating new ones. And if you've always wanted to start an automated email series, this is the perfect moment to dive in!

We’ve got 15 new templates that will help you bowl the perfect game every time (metaphorically speaking).

Email automation templates are workflows that are pre-built to achieve a certain marketing goal, such as retargeting subscribers, re-engaging inactive subscribers, delivering an online course, etc.

Rather than spending precious brain time building an automation from scratch, you can simply select the template of your choice and fill in each step with the relevant information. With pre-built automation templates, you can:

  • Save time building workflows with numerous steps

  • Ensure that complex workflows are built logically (no mistakes stopping subscribers from completing the workflow)

  • Keep your automation workflows consistent

Let’s take a look at our 15 new automation templates that are ready for you to use today!

Just like MailerLite’s design templates for newsletters, websites and landing pages, our automation templates are pre-designed so you can simply add your details and successfully complete your goals. 

1. Send a simple welcome email

Starting with the basics, the Simple welcome email template is a one-step welcome series. While it’s a quick one, it’s arguably the most important automation that every email marketer should implement.

Use this workflow to welcome your new subscribers. It is easy to set up and super effective! It starts with the trigger “When a subscriber joins a group”. All you have to do is choose the group and create the email.

A simple welcome email automation template in MailerLite

Once a new subscriber signs up using your form and is added to a group, the workflow sends them the welcome email.

2. Win back inactive subscribers

Inactive subscribers are people who no longer interact with your campaigns in any way. This can skew your data which leads to marketing decisions that aren’t necessarily correct.

It’s not always your fault people stop opening your emails. Inactive subscribers are common for all email marketers, which is why you can use the Win back inactive subscribers template to reignite unengaged subscribers and unsubscribe the ones that remain inactive.
Automatically deliver a re-engagement campaign and update a custom field if they interact to mark their engagement. Or move them to the unsubscribed folder if they ghost you. Cleaning your list and keeping only active subscribers improves email deliverability.

Re-engagement email automation template in MailerLite

3. Retarget subscribers

The Retarget subscribers template can be used to send your subscribers a new offer based on their interests. Once they interact with a campaign, you can retarget them and deliver different types of highly-relevant content.

Retargeting email automation template in MailerLite

4. Personalize promotions based on subscriber interest

The New promotion template is perfect for sending subscribers new promotions and updating custom fields based on their interaction with the campaigns. This means you can automatically re-organize subscribers based on the offers they engage with the most, giving you the opportunity to send hyper-targeted emails. If a subscriber clicks a link to a product page or announcement article, you can record their interest and retarget them later.

New promotional automation template in MailerLite

5. Deliver an online course

This automation template is perfect for anyone who wants to create an online course and deliver it through email. Use this template to start your online course on a specific date and send automated lessons every week. It is a simple workflow, but super productive for your students. You can use the Online course template to deliver a mini-course lead magnet, or fully-developed paid modules.

Online course email automation template in MailerLite

6. Send subscribers a birthday wish

Birthday emails are the most personal email you can send, and they outperform all other promotional emails (by a lot). They generate 481% higher transaction rates, 342% higher revenue per email, 179% higher unique click-through rates and 53% higher open rates.

Use the Birthday wishes template to surprise subscribers with a birthday greeting on their special day and reap the benefits of these highly-personalized emails. Automatically send a reminder a few days before, then send them a personalized happy birthday message on the big day. 

Automation birthday email template in MailerLite

7. Onboard new subscribers

The Advanced welcome email template is available for all users with an Advanced plan. It allows you to use multiple channels like a signup form or a landing page to trigger the same workflow for your new subscribers.

All new subscribers will receive the same welcome campaign, then you can update custom fields based on engagement to see which channels work the best. Then move the less engaged subscribers to a specific group for further nurturing.

This prevents you from pushing people to purchase who aren’t ready yet. You can promote your products to subscribers who are engaged with your content while spending extra time building a relationship with those who need it.

Advanced welcome sequence template in MailerLite

8. Invite subscribers to a demo

Invite subscribers from multiple signup sources to a demo call with the Demo call invitation template. You and your demo attendees will both be better prepared for your call.

Available on our Advanced plan (try it free for 30 days), this template automatically sends a confirmation email after a demo call is requested. Here you can list everything attendees will need for the call. Then automatically follows up with a reminder that the demo call is about to begin.

Demo call invitation automation template in MailerLite

9. Automate webinar invitations

The Webinar invitation template can be used by Advanced plan users to invite subscribers from multiple signup sources to a webinar event. Send an automated RSVP email to your subscribers on a specific date and time. Then, send your webinar invitation link to those who accepted the RSVP. After the event, send them a survey email so they share their feedback. 

Build automated emails quickly with expertly-designed templates

10. Follow up after an NPS survey

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a measure of customer loyalty. A survey asks how likely subscribers are to recommend a brand on a scale of 1-10. Scores of 1-6 are Detractors, 7-8 are Passives, and 9-10 are Promoters.

When you send out an NPS survey, you can automatically email respondents and target them based on their answers. You can use the NPS survey automation template to reply to Detractors and Passives asking for feedback and improvements. And you can automatically reach out to Promoters to thank them and ask them to leave you a review.

NPS survey automation template in MailerLite

11. Remind subscribers to renew their membership

If you offer a paid newsletter or subscription service, use the Membership renewal template to remind your premium users to renew their memberships on specific dates.

Membership renewal automation template in MailerLite

12. Give premium members a warm welcome

Those of you offering a paid newsletter or subscription service can also use the Premium members workflow template to onboard your paid subscribers. Send them a VIP welcome email and find out what their email preferences are to give them a truly premium experience.

Premium members automation template in MailerLite

MailerLite has become a go-to email platform for independent e-shops looking to compete with larger sites. You can integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or PrestaShop, and use these 3 templates to streamline your e-commerce workflows. You can recover abandoned carts, follow up after purchases, and segment subscribers based on which items they purchase.

13. Recover abandoned carts

Use the Abandoned cart automation template to remind your customers about their abandoned cart items. You can choose the delay before the abandoned cart email triggers and send more reminders after a few days.

Abandoned cart email automation template example in MailerLite

14. Send a post-purchase follow-up

The Purchase any product template is perfect for adding your customers to a group made for existing customers (great for future promotions) and sending them a thank you email after purchase.

E-commerce automation template example in MailerLite

15. Segment subscribers based on their shopping habits

Use the Purchased specific product template to add your customers to a specific group after buying a particular product. You can also send them a feedback email encouraging them to share comments about your product.

E-commerce automation template example in MailerLite

All 15 of these automation templates are available and ready to use in your MailerLite account. To create an automation using a pre-built template, navigate to the Automation page and click New automation.

From here, you’ll be able to choose to start your automation from scratch or select one of the 15 available templates.

Build automated emails quickly with expertly-designed templates

Once you’ve selected your template, it will appear in the automation builder. From there you can input newsletter designs to each email step and add groups/field data to your triggers, conditions and action steps.

While each template was designed to fully function as it is, you can add, move, or remove any steps to suit your needs.

Much like the elegant yet humble pinsetter, automated templates are a simple solution to make your email workflow game faster, more accurate, and super consistent. Build on these templates or use them as they are to level up your automation strategy today.

What kind of automation templates would you like to see added to the gallery? Let us know in the comments!

Migle Navickaite
Migle Navickaite
Hi, my name is Migle, which is a very hard Lithuanian name to pronounce. Let's just say I have way too many nicknames to count. As a Product Manager, I am obsessed with planning and organizing. I love that feeling of taming the dragon of chaos. Especially when that chaos turns into a new product feature that helps you succeed!