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Do You Ignore 90% of Your Customers?

Do You Ignore 90% of Your Customers?

According to Chet Holmes, one of the best business coaches in the world, only 3% of your audience is ready to buy NOW, and another 6-7% is open to that chance (watch this video at 0:13:00).

If you want to get other 90%, you need to interact with your customer multiple times.

What should you do?

  • Be useful
  • Be personal
  • Provide a lot of value
  • Convince your audience that you are the expert

And only then… try to sell.

Does it seem like a lot of work? It is, but you may do it only ONCE.

Once? Yes. Use autoreponders series.

What’s nice about setting up an autoresponder series is that you can take people through a sequence of emails (which begin on the first day a new person subscribes) without ever having to do any work, since you’ve already written the emails beforehand.

Contrary to how it sounds, email automation is about building customer relationships. Email automation can actually be extremely personal – if you do it right. The best autoresponder series don’t seem like autoresponder series.

Ideas for your autoresponders

#1. Educate your audience

Set up a sequence of emails that walks readers through the teaching around some aspect of your niche.

Be sure to mention what you are giving away within your email series, so people will subscribe to your email list and understand that they need to open your emails to get your content.

Start with few easy ‘getting started‘ tips to get going. Then the tips can get more advanced with time, so you can turn them into experts (who want to buy more expert stuff!).

Turn your expertise into an ongoing lesson where you share your knowledge with prospective customers.

Recently I heard about a butcher who uses autoresponders to send his customers beef recipes. Both easy and smart, right?

#2. Re-introducing old (but sexy) content

Share your best blog posts with the new subscribers. This not only brings your prospective customer to your site again but it also helps with your organic click thrus. The more people clicking thru to your website the better! So steer those who opted in back to your website and give excellent content and make it worth their while.

#3. Offer to connect

Ask to follow you on other social media. People love to connect with others online. They love relationships that are real, even if it’s with a company!

Give a reason to like/follow you. Explain what content you publish on different social media.

#4. Keep in contact with your customer

Ask questions. Get to know what they are struggling with and how you may help.

Derek Halpern from Social Triggers:

I don’t currently have content populated in an autoresponder with my main list, but I do have a nice welcome email that asks people “What are you struggling with,” and almost always, people respond (it’s market research at its best).

Here is his welcome letter:

#5. Ask for feedback

Get input from your subscribers by asking them for feedback. You may have experienced something like this already if you’ve purchased anything from and received an email a few days after receiving your package asking for a review.

This the autoresponder that I got from Chassidic Tour after I attended it. They shared the photos of the tour and asked for the recommendation. That’s how they got one more excellent review at (don’t miss the tour if you are in NYC).

#6. Introduce your audience with your product and its features

Educate your customers on the features they might have missed. Show the video how to use the product, answer FAQ, share some practical tips and how-to guides.

#7. Offer discounts and bonuses

Give a discount to something on your site that they can’t get anywhere else. I’d wait till about email #4 or #5 to do this, after you’ve invited them to Facebook, shared some useful content and invited them to a free event.

How to create autoresponders on MailerLite

Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions about autoreponders.

P.S. See more examples of autoreponders in our Pinterest.