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Ignas2 min readNew Features & UpdatesApril 15, 2014

New MailerLite

New MailerLite

We’ve been working on MailerLite update for a while. But finally we have it!

So what’s new?

  1. New User Interface
  2. New Email Builder
  3. New Webform Builder
  4. Autoresponders

How can you try the new MailerLite?

For a month, both MailerLite versions will be live.

If you want to access your account with the new MailerLite:

  1. Use http://app.mailerlite2.com
  2. or http://your-subdomain.mailerlite2.com if you have custom subdomain

Or you can just use the version switch link:

New Email Builder

With the new Email Builder you have much more control over your email design.

Now you can modify preheader, add background images, play around with more content blocks and many other great things. Just try and let me know how you like it.

Moreover, it creates responsive emails that will look great not only computer screen but also on mobile devices.

New Webform Builder

We had Webforms before, but it just wasn’t good. Now it’s a different story – you can choose from a few different form types and modify the looks.

Moreover, now we support double-opt-in, so you’ll be able to design Signup Confirmation emails and Thank You pages.


Automated one-to-one emails based on events was the most requested feature of all times. Here it is!

Popular use case for Autoresponders is a series of Welcome emails after a subscriber joins a list. But you can also use it for Birthday greetings, Subscription end reminders and many more.

It’s just the beginning

We’re not going to stop here. The whole platform was updated in a way that now it’s much easier and faster for us to add new features.

We have many ideas how to make MailerLite the best email marketing tool for Small Business. For sure.

But we’re not going to succeed without your feedback. We’ll be grateful for your comments about the new features and ideas for future developments. Thanks!