Campaign Reports

Campaign reports give you a good overview of how your campaigns are performing. To view your campaign report, go to the Campaigns section and click Report under the newsletter you want to review.

On the overview page, you will have access to various stats like open, clicked and bounced rates. In the reading environment section below, you'll learn which devices your audience is reading newsletters on: mobile or desktop devices.

At the bottom of the page, you can see how many subscribers clicked the links in your newsletter. The "Total Clicks" show how many of your subscribers clicked the link more than once.

The "View Email" tab will show a preview of your email as well as the click map of where your links are placed and how they are performing.

Subscriber Activity allows you to search through subscribers, filter them and copy them to another group if needed. You also can export your subscribers to a file.

The reports in each campaign are a bit different. For example: the A/B split test campaign will have extra stats and settings connected with the two versions of your newsletter. In the auto resend report, you will be able to stop the second newsletter from going out. And your RSS campaign stats will be in the same place as your regular campaigns.