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Welcome to MailerLite! Let’s get started so you can send out your first email campaign as soon as possible. In this video, we’ll give you a quick overview of MailerLite and its basic features.

The first thing you will see when you open MailerLite is the dashboard. It's designed to give you a quick overview of your statistics such as the subscriber growth, your current plan, open rates, click stats and more.

The Campaigns section is where you will be creating your newsletters. You’ll have the choice between different campaign types such as: A/B testingAuto ResendRSS Campaigns or Basic Campaigns.

The Subscribers section allows you to upload your subscribers. Here you can create, segment and monitor different groups and their stats. You can also filter for specific subscribers and save the search results as a segment..

In the Forms section, you can create your signup forms, set single or double opt-in and customize your thank you messages and confirmation emails. You can also get the links for the online sign up form version and get the code to implement the embedded version.

The Automation section is the place where you will be creating automated emails, such as autoresponders and workflows (email sequences).

In the Plan and billing section, you can upgrade to a monthly or yearly plan.

The Help section will show all the help articles around the topic of the page you’re currently on. If you’re in the plan and billing section, you’ll see all the FAQs around payments and plans.

The heart icon is where you can refer MailerLite to your friends and colleagues. Any credits you’ve received from your highly-appreciated efforts will be shown here.

When you click on your image or company name, a dropdown menu will appear. This contains most of your settings. Here’s a brief summary:

  • My profile: Contains all your settings and lets you change your photo, name, email and password

  • Users: Add, view and manage all your users and their rights

  • Account settings: Information concerning your company (e.g. timezone)

  • Integrations: All available integrations you can connect to your MailerLite account (think Facebook, WordPress, Shopify)

  • Authorization: Here’s where you select whether it’s OK for our servers to send emails on your behalf or if you’d rather manage the authentication yourself. Setting this helps to increase your delivery stats.

  • Subscribe settings: Advanced settings such as double opt-in for API and integrations

  • Unsubscribe page: Customize your unsubscribe page

  • Notifications: Select whether you want to receive notifications when people subscribe or unsubscribe from your list

  • Switch account: For when you have more than 1 account

  • Change language: This changes the app language and is great when you have foreign language speakers on your team

  • Product updates: This shows you what’s new at MailerLite

  • Logout

For more tips, check out our Help article on getting started with MailerLite.

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