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Email Marketing for the Holidays. Part 1

Email Marketing for the Holidays. Part 1

This poster by Derek Hass was published in 1953. After 50 years the holiday season is even more crucial for the business. It is the time when the most personal spending is taking place.

You can’t ignore it!

43% of marketing experts say that email is very important channel to generate additional sales during the Christmas period. Email affects at least 10% of the total holiday sales.

Do you have any email marketing strategy for the period?

Don’t worry. We will help you to work it out.

Where to start?

First of all, let’s get back to your Christmas marketing in 2012. See what worked and what didn’t.

  • Which product lines performed better/worse than others?
  • What were your top sellers?
 Across which channels?
  • How did your contacts respond to your increased frequency?
  • Has the competitive landscape for your business changed in the last 12 months? Are 
you aware of what online strategies/programmes your competitors are implementing?
  • What did change within the year? Do you have bigger audience? Did you expand your business in different cities, countries, or continents?

Collect and analyze all the information about your past experience, customers and competitors. You should consider all the facts in your Christmas strategy.

Tips for Holiday Email Marketing

1. Integrate your newsletters with social media.

Don’t forget to include links to Facebook or Pinterest (it is perfect place to show your products). And vice versa. Post the newsletter on your Facebook and Twitter.

2. Design responsive emails.

Remember, people are on the move during the holidays. Design the email for finger-pointing with short text, big photos and clear call – to – action.

45% of holiday season emails are being opened on mobile in 2012.

3. Let subject lines show what is inside the letter.

People love coupons, sales, prices reduction, especially when they shop for the presents.

4. Be creative with words you use.

Use more than just “Buy it now” message. How about: Get Giving, Get Inspired, Make wishes come true, etc. Best subject-line keywords for Christmas: perfect gift, gift under, gift list, and gift guide.

Surprisingly, the least popular themes are: Santa, Christmas, celebration; perhaps they sound a bit cliché.

5. Don’t just promote your products instead motivate your customers to buy.

Send them gift ideas, home decoration tips, photos of fashionable holiday outfits. Give and then ask!

6. Segment your customers into active and inactive.

Don’t be afraid to re-mail for the less active subscribers.

7. Test the different sending times.

For example, consider sending email on less-heavy days such as weekends.The click-through rate is the biggest on weekend.


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