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MailerLite vs. Ghost

MailerLite: Ghost alternative worth considering

MailerLite is the Ghost alternative for creators who also want to grow their audiences using email marketing features like automation, segmentation and templates. Discover why MailerLite's easy-to-use drag & drop builders combined with advanced marketing features make it the best Ghost alternative.

Fair pricing

MailerLite believes in transparent pricing, with no steep increases in your monthly service fee as your audience grows. When you reach 10,000 subscribers, you’ll be paying 62% less with MailerLite–a cheaper alternative to Ghost.

Comparison example based on creators who charge a subscription fee of $10/month

Monthly plans MailerLite Ghost creator
Sales fee 0% 0%
Processor fee Stripe Stripe
Price for up to 1000 subscribers $9/month $31/month
Price for 5000 subscribers $29/month $81/month
Up to 10k subscribers $47/month $124/month

You're in good company

Join 1,442,296 happy customers worldwide who are already using MailerLite.

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“​​Their website and blog builder is like a golden treasure waiting to be harnessed. Much easier to handle than major web builders and still does it with ease.”

Jerry Selvaseelan Founder LogicalRetreat

Try MailerLite: The perfect Ghost alternative

Sign up for a free MailerLite account to enjoy a 30-day trial of advanced features and find out why MailerLite is the perfect alternative to Ghost.

Powerful integrations

Supercharge your email marketing by connecting your MailerLite account to other web services and plugins. Enhance your workflows, leverage subscriber data and a whole lot more.

Customer support is always here to help you

We work around the clock to assist you. Drop us a message any time, and one of us will be happy to get back to you quickly!

24/7 always available
97% satisfaction rate
5 min avg. response time on live chat

Make the switch to MailerLite

Upgrade your email marketing game with MailerLite – one of the best Ghost alternatives for creators. Enjoy advanced features like complex automation functionality, multiple drag & drop editors, and superior subscriber management all in one place.

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