Why pay more for email marketing?

Why pay more for email marketing?

For small business every dollar matters. Even if we are talking about email marketing, which has the highest ROI of all marketing activities.

There are many email marketing service providers, but most of them charge quite a lot for their services. Even if it‘s a self-service tool, where you have to do all the job by yourself. Here is a list of different providers and their price for small business accounts:

ProviderSubscribersPrice per year
Campaign Monitorup to 10,000$1788
ConstantContactup to 10,000$1020
iContactup to 10,000$948
MailChimpup to 10,000$900
VerticalResponseup to 10,000$796.8
Aweberup to 10,000$777.65 – 794
MadMimiup to 10,000$504
MailerLiteup to 10,000$168

Why prices are so different?

Some providers have very complex systems with tons of features. They need big staff to support all those features. In most cases, you as a small business user don’t need those advanced fancy features. So why should you pay for them?

Why MailerLite price is so low?

Because MailerLite is simple. We have only the features that you really need and nothing more. So it’s easy for us to support the system – we manage to do it with our small team of 4. Moreover, we serve only small business, so our users have very similar needs and requirements – it helps us to work faster and more efficient.

So why pay more if you can get what you need for less?