2 min readIntegrationsJuly 11, 2013

New Integrations with Highrise and Batchbook

New Integrations with Highrise and Batchbook

We are excited to share the news about MailerLite integrations with popular CRM (customer relationship management) systems Highrise and Batchbook.

This means that if you use Highrise or Batchbook CRM to manage your customer contacts, you can easily import your lists to MailerLite and send them beautiful email newsletters. Moreover, you can auto sync new customer data and always have fresh subscriber lists in your MailerLite account.

How it works?

In your MailerLite account go to the Integrations page (there is a link in the right bottom corner) and choose your CRM system.

How to connect with Highrise?

It’s simple! Just enter your Highrise account name, API key and click “Connect”. If provided information is correct your MailerLite account will become connected to Highrise and you’ll be able to sync your customer data.

How to connect with Batchbook?

Batchbook integration works the same – enter account name, API key and hit “Connect” button. Finish the integration by clicking “Sync contacts”.